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There are many courses in IIM which one can choose and all of these courses are very good and have scope in future but as we have to enlist these courses on the basis of the evaluation of some of the things and in these things the average placement percentage is a very important factor. we have these courses in IIM as per the average package offered to the students in these courses.

courses in IIM

All of these courses are offered by IIM so choosing any of these courses will provide you h person with a good career opportunity to excel in their professional life. These courses are:

  1. Consulting
  2. Finance
  3. IT/Operations
  4. Marketing
  5. General Management
  6. HR 

Courses in IIM

Consulting is one of the topmost courses in IIM and it is one of the most favorite courses for students who are doing management courses from other B-Schools also. It can also be understood easily with the fact that on average almost 25% of total students who got from the IIM are from Consulting field.

Almost every company needs people to work especially in this field of consulting as every company needs people who have business problem-solving skills, communication skills, corporate strategy skills. These skills are very common yet complex when it comes to the implementation of these skills on the ground.

The best thing in this particular course which makes it rank on the top among courses in MBA is that every company from almost every domain have a consulting arm so they use to hire people from this branch also hence students who have done this course have higher chances of getting hired and high salary package also when it is compared with people who have done other courses.

In this course, the progress or work is totally dependent on the client and in the majority of the cases people have to meet clients from different countries so students in this specialization use to travel in many different countries so you can get more chance to travel to different countries as compared to students of other specialization.

  • Course Name: Consulting
  • Placement Percentage23% of total
  • Average Package: 27 LPA
  • Recruiting Companies: Accenture, BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte


In this list of courses in IIM, the course with specialization in finance is very prominent to occur at this place as the specialization in finance can give you an opportunity to work in the very amazing companies and the average salary this field offers is also very good.

In finance average package you can get is around 25 LPA whereas the highest package one can get in this field can be the highest among any of the specializations as the highest package which one can get could reach up to 70 LPA or above.

The recruiting companies who use to recruit or the hiring companies in this particular domain makes it more fascinating for one as the companies which hire students of specialization in finance are the topmost investment banks, and firms of the world such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

All of the companies which hire in this particular domain are paymasters and they are global companies so their good chances for one to go abroad and work there if one wants to do so.

  • Course Name: Finance
  • Placement Percentage: 23% of total
  • Average Package:25 LPA
  • Recruiting Companies: Goldman SachsMorgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase &Co.


Here I have mentioned IT and operations in a single heading cause of some reasons as there is not a big difference because the recruiting companies in these two are almost the same in most of the cases.

The recruiting companies in IT are basically e-commerce platforms and the major recruiting companies in case of operations also these companies use to hire people so you may find quite different when it comes to working there but the kind of industry you will join is same so this course can be a very good way to join top e-commerce sites which makes them stand apart from all courses in IIM.

There are many people who want to join this industry as they have a dream to work with such platforms and understand their way of organizing things as due to the revolution in the IT industry this concept of e-commerce has got a new boom and it feels like that this e-commerce can lead us to the whole new world.

There are so many students who want to join this specialization among all courses in IIM as there are so many benefits it has in many different ways as in this the salary package offered is also very good the placement percentage is very good.

It is so because there are a lot of startups also who want to hire students of IIM and as these startups have to hire students from the place where top e-commerce companies also visit so they have to pay more due to which most of the paymasters so the package they offer is really very good. The average package offered in this specialization is around 26 LPA and the placement percentage it has among total placements is around 20%.

  • Course Name: IT/ Operations
  • Placement Percentage: 18% of total
  • Average Package: 26 LPA
  • Recruiting CompaniesAmazon, EXL, Flipkart


Marketing is one of the hot topics for any student aiming for a management course in any of the B-Schools and the situation in case of IIM also is not different which makes it the most famous course among all courses in IIM due to which inclination of students towards this particular specialization has also increased.

There is a different kind of mindset students have for this particular course as some think that in this domain one has to work under extreme pressure in order to meet the targets otherwise whereas others think that it is the highest paying domain among all other domains or courses in IIM but it is not so.

In any kind of specialization, one has to meet the targets in order to ensure growth, and meeting targets in other specializations are also very much rewarding and many times meeting targets can be more rewarding in other specializations can be more rewarding than marketing.

It totally depends on one’s choice that one wants to join this particular course or not as this specialization has multiple benefits and some demerits and most importantly it has many myths such as all other courses in IIM.

The salary package in this course can easily be a motivating factor for students to choose this specialization as the average package offered to the students in this specialization is around 20 LPA whereas the highest package offered is around 75 LPA.

It is clear from the numbers given above that the average package offered may not seem so much fascinating but the highest package is really very good but again I will suggest you join any specialization by analyzing your interest as other courses in IIM also has really good package and in many cases, one can find package higher than this one in any other specialization.

  • Course NameMarketing
  • Placement Percentage: 16% of total
  • Average Package: 20 LPA
  • Recruiting Companies: Hindustan Unilever, Pepsico, ITC

General Management

Management is the keyword which comes into the mind of people when it comes to MBA as all of the things in any course will be related to management in MBA in one way or the other and the story is the same for IIM also as in all courses in IIM they key they have common is management skills.

Either you have to manage workforce equipment, workflow, or any other thing but you will be engaged in the management field only. General Management is a very broad-based course amongst all management courses in IIM as this is a specialization that takes care of all managerial activities in an organization and hence the chances of landing a job in any of the domains is very high in this as all companies need a set of professionals who can ensure all-round development of the business, they are needed to have all-round understanding.

There are so many companies which hire students from this specialization and they offer a very good amount of package also and the thing which makes it more fascinating is that it is one of the most diversified courses amongst all courses in IIM so one can land into the dream company of its choice in any domain.

The placement percentage of this specialization covers 14% of the total placement percentage including all courses in IIM which is a good figure. The average package offered in this specialization is around 22 LPA whereas the highest package can reach up to 30 LPA easily.

  • Course Name: General Management
  • Placement Percentage: 14% of total
  • Average Package22 LPA
  • Recruiting CompaniesAditya Birla Group, General Electric, Mahindra



HR is a domain which is related to a particular thing but has all-around opportunities as every company needs people of HR as they want to hire people who can be the best choice for any work and this task can be done by the people of HR only.

There are so many things about this specialization which makes it best for some people and worse for others so it can be said that either you will like to be in this specialization or you will not like it from the very start as there is less chance for the people that they can change their mind after having some experience in this and the fact of either being liked or not being liked makes it quite different from all other courses in IIM.

As in this specialization, the things are related to hiring people for any company or organization so one people assume that the workload in this specialization is comparatively less but as I mentioned earlier that every domain has a target to meet so the story of HR is no different from that.

In this field what fascinates people is the kind of image, it has which portrays that this specialization has stability and the thing people does not like about this is that it has the least chance of getting incentives among all other courses in IIM but the fact on the ground may differ from the perception of people.

Here the average package offered to the students is around 18 to 20 LPA whereas the highest package can exceed 26 LPA so the package offered is not bad at all and if the person has an interest in meeting new students and they want to enhance their communication skills so this specialization can be a very good choice for the person.

  • Course Name: HR
  • Placement Percentage: 6% of total
  • Average Package: 20 LPA
  • Recruiting Companies: Xiaomi, Godrej, Lombard

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