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Business Ideas for Students in 2021

Students who are willing to start a business in their college days but don’t know which business they should do. This post is dedicated to those students. This time any students who have an interest in business can easily start their business.

Unlike traditional business, these business ideas don’t require much investment. Nowadays starting a business is quite easy. For students being independent is an alluring task. Isn’t alluring that you are your own boss.

In today’s time starting a business is just a cakewalk. A COVID situation where everything available online renders immense opportunity for students who want to start their business.

In this post, I listed some enthralling business ideas for students in 2021.

business ideas for students

These business ideas are simple and any student can start these businesses without much investment as students have the constraint of money. These business ideas for students in 2021 listed below:

List of Business Ideas for Students

1.University/Exam Consultant

2.Laundry Service

3. Notes Digitization

4.Candle Making

5.Resume Service Provider

6. Snacks Delivery

7. Event Organizer

8. Sell Customized Products Online

9.Sell Organic Products

Let’s discuss these splendid business ideas for students in 2021.

1.University/Institute Entrance Exam Consultant

In our list, this is the first business idea for students. In today’s cutthroat competition everyone wants to succeed in entrance exams. The problem is that most of the students don’t know how to start preparing for exams.

If you know how to prepare for the entrance exam you can guide students who want to get admission to reputed colleges. If you are students and searching for the best business ideas for students this idea is splendid.

You can start this business online without much investment. You can make your own website, Instagram page, youtube channel, or Facebook page and help umpteen students who need your guidance. You should provide free guidance in starting and later you can charge some fees.

2.Laundry Service

Laundry Service is one of the profitable business ideas for students who want to become entrepreneurs. It seems to be absurd that how can I start a laundry service? In the hostel most of the students facing the problem of cleaning clothes.

You can start a laundry service with minimal investment. If you are a college student then it is quite easy for you to get clients. In college, you can easily promote your business with mouth publicity. You can contact the warden of the hostels so that you get more clients.

You can also make an app through which anyone can book an appointment to pick up clothes. This business idea gives you an immense return.

3. Notes Digitization

Notes Digitization is also among stupendous business ideas for students. This is the era of digitalization where education has moved on to digital platforms.

Notes are a vital part of education. Students whether they are preparing for competitive exams or semesters exam they need proper notes.

Students can provide notes and build their business. You can start your own website where you can provide free notes to students later you can provide paid notes. First of all, you should decide for which course or exam you will provide notes.

I suggest you provide notes for that course or exams in which you have knowledge. If you have knowledge in a particular field then you can better guide students. Due to reach large scale this is one of the alluring business ideas for students.

business ideas for students

4.Candle Making

Candle Making business is also one of the profitable business ideas for students. Candle-making business is one of the splendid business ideas for students. Students can start this business with optimum investment.

Candle Making business is the best business idea for students who want to start their own business. This business idea doesn’t require a large setup or much investment. Any students can start this business from their house.

The vital thing to start this business is raw material. The demand for the candle is always in the market as most of the restaurant, the spa uses these candles.

You can make a variety of candles and earn a good profit. You can also finance this business from the government under MSME.

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5.Resume Service Provider

If you are a student then you can understand the importance of a resume. Most of the students don’t know how to write a resume. This is a profitable business idea for students without investment. You can help students to make their resumes for jobs.

This business doesn’t require any investment. You can start this business from your own college and make a resume for your friends. This business grows with mouth publicity. Once your business gets popular you can earn a good amount.

6.Snacks Delivery

This is the most profitable and minimum investment business idea for students. Students have cravings for snacks. If you are in college this would be a great opportunity for you. You can start a stall of snacks where you can sell a variety of snacks.

This is not necessary that you should open a stall or shop in campus you can take online orders where you can deliver snacks within the campus. This business idea won’t take much time and within a short span of time, your business will grow.

7.Event Organizer

If you are a person who loves to organize a party or events then this is a wonderful business idea. You can start your own event organizer company. You can start with birthday parties, freshers party, farewell party and small family get-together party.

At this time everyone wants to organize a well-planned party so this idea works splendidly. In this business, you need to build a connection with people. In starting you should charge minimum fees later you can charge as much you can.

8. Sell Customized Product Online

You can sell customized products like customized gift items. Most people like to give customized gifts to loved ones. You can open your online store where you can sell customized coffee mugs, t-shirt, pillows, keychains.

This is among stupendous business ideas for students. For this, you need to create your online website or make an Instagram page through which you can get clients. In starting it takes time but with proper marketing or promotion, you will get clients.

9. Sell Organic Products

Organic products are always on the top priority as people fed up with chemical stuff. You can convert this idea into a business. This is a profitable business idea for students. You can start a business to sell any organic products.

There are many businesses that set up to sell organic products and they are making revenue in crores. This is a brilliant business idea for students. In this business, you need initial investment and this business gives you an exceptional return.


The aforementioned business ideas for students are splendid. You can choose any business according to your interest and investment.

You can start these business with minimal investment. You will not succeed until you try. So don’t think much make a plan and be your own boss.


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