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In today’s world Data Science courses have gained immense attention from employers as well as students Nowadays companies are more relies on data and with the help of data you can predict the profit, loss, and future of the company. Companies like IBM, TCS, Infosys, HCL, Wipro are hiring Data scientists to use their data to predict the future growth of the organization.
This article enlists the best courses for learning Data Science that is offered by Udemy.

best courses for learning data science

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the amalgamation of mathematics, statistics, business, algorithms, machine learning to analyze the raw data to predict the present and future decisions of organizations.

At present time, the growth and business actions of any organization is completely depending on the analysis of data.

Who can apply for the Data Science Course?

Any students who completed their 12th with 50% marks can apply for the Data Science course. There are several courses available for every student whether you are a UG student or a PG student.

Students can apply for UG courses as well as PG courses offered by various institutes.

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Which Institutes are offering Data Science courses?

IITs, NITs as well as various Institutes are offering Data Science courses. Some of the reputed institutes offering the best courses for learning Data Science are listed below:

  1. IIT Hyderabad
  2. IIT Guwahati
  3. VIT Vellore
  4. IIT Kanpur
  5. Christ University, Banglore
  6. BIST Pilani
  7. IPU, Delhi
  8. Manipal University
  9. SCIT, Pune
  10. IIT Madras

Which are the best courses for learning Data Science?

  1. B.Sc in Data Science
  2. BCA in Data Science
  3. M.Tech in Data Science
  4. M.Sc in Data Science
  5.  MBA in Data Science

What are career opportunities available for Data Scientists?

After taking the best courses for learning Data science students will get an opportunity in various fields like Banking, Insurance, IT Field, Marketing, Finance. The list of Career Opportunities are listed below:

1. Data Architect

2. Machine Learning Engineer

3. Data Scientist

4. Data Analyst

5. Business Analyst

6. Business Intelligence Developer

How do learn the best courses for learning Data Science?

Students can learn data science courses from various websites like Udemy, Edureka, Simplilearn, Coursera with certificates. You can take courses according to your requirement like you can enroll for beginner to advance course.


List of Best Courses for Learning Data Science Offered by Udemy

  1. The Complete Data Science Bootcamp

[ufwp id=”1754098″]


2. Data Science Course: Complete Machine Learning Course

[ufwp id=”1339456″]


3. Data Science Course with Python

[ufwp id=”1346754″]


4. The Complete Machine Learning and Data Science Course

[ufwp id=”3005164″]


5. Python Numpy: Machine Learning and Data Science Course

[ufwp id=”3525856″]


6. Data Science For Beginners

[ufwp id=”3440406″]


7. Fullstack Data Science Course

[ufwp id=”3512066″]


8. Python for Data Science Master Course

[ufwp id=”3557793″]


9. Data Scientist Job Ready Data Science Course

[ufwp id=”1592216″]


10. The Complete Numpy course for Data Science

[ufwp id=”2756336″]


Other Courses

[ufwp search=”data science courses” items=”6″ template=”grid” grid=”3″]

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