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Graphic Designing as a Career

Graphic Designing is one of the most popular and most recommend part-time as well as skill-based courses. It has been mentioned by us earlier in the list of top part-time jobs and top courses during graduation. It always grabs a position in such lists because of the qualities this course has. If you want to how to choose graphic designing as a career? this post helps you to answer all your queries.

It is one of the best courses for a college-going student to learn as a skill which helps one in many different ways, one can get a part-time job which one can continue with College studies also, one can work as freelancer or one can start a business based upon this skill.


graphic designing as a career


Through Graphic Designing one can earn a really good amount of money as the average salary for a Graphic Designer in India is 22,000 whereas the amount of money people earning from this skill is way more than in India. Even if one doesn’t want to earn from this then also it is very useful for one as people can make posters or online invitations or can make many other things by themselves for which they need to pay a good amount of money to others.

It is one of the most paying skills in freelancing and it is not too much tough also as it takes around two to three months only to be really good in Graphic Designing which makes it so popular among college students and freelancers. That’s the reason you must choose graphic designing as a career.

The average base earning of freelancers in Graphic Designing is 297 rupees per hour. It is totally skill-based thing and getting success in this depends totally on the skillset and effort one will put into it. Here we are going to tell you everything one needs to know about this before getting into it and also we will discuss the roadmap.

Let overview Graphic Designing as a career.


Graphic Designing Overview

As the name suggests Graphic Designing course is related to designing graphics. Here one uses to make visuals that are used almost everywhere. Using this one can make different things like logos, posters, advertisements in the form of pictures, and many other things related to designing.

As we all know that things are getting digitalized so people start increasing their online presence for different things hence businesses, magazines, newspapers are also increasing their online presence to increase interaction.

For all of these, there is a need for different things like photos, posters, logos, designs which are needed to be made on software so that it can enhance the pleasure of experience for any person here Graphic Designing plays an important role to do all these things.There is no specification to opt for graphic designing as a career. Have a look at the eligibility criteria for choosing graphic designing as a career.


Eligibility Criteria:

There are no such specific or pre-decided eligibility criteria for learning this course. Anyone from any stream or any branch can learn this course. The only thing needed in this is just one’s willingness to learn and move forward in this particular field. There are many people from many different branches or even streams which are doing this job and are earning really good amount from this.

There are no specific eligibility criteria for any person but what is needed is a skillset and if the person is having an interest in this field and is willing to learn this field then the person must have an interest in working on different software and person should like to work on the computer as in this one needs to spend long hours to increase the quality of work and get the desired results.


Need of Certification or Degree in Graphic Designing

There is no need for any certificate or degree if one wants to do freelancing or if one has decided to choose it as a part-time job. What is needed more in this is one’s command on skillset if one has that then it is all required to start the work initially.

If one wants to take it as a full-time career then also it is not much needed to have a degree in this field but getting a degree in this will only increase the chances of getting a good job whereas there is no need for any certification in this as it does not plays a very important role as in present time if someone has mentioned any skill in the resume then recruiter prefers to take a test of that skill and make decisions on the basis on that test rather than relying on just certificates of skills.

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Roadmap for Graphic Designing as a Career:

Choosing Graphic Designing as a career is not so much a lengthy and complicated course that needs too many skills or any. It does not take too much time also. One can learn really good Graphic Designing in a time span of three to four months if the person is putting effort every day. There are certain tolls of things needed to learn in order to learn Graphic Designing these things are:

All of these have different uses Adobe Photoshop is used to edit any photo. This is widely used by people to make photos more elegant and eye-catching. Adobe Illustrator is used to drawing the vectored image of anything and also to draw things like logos, Adobe XD is used to draw designs of websites. Adobe Indesign is used to make flyers, brochures.

Here learning all of these is important and it is recommended that you should learn these things in the same order as given. Anyone can choose graphic designing as a career by learning by own.

To Learn these things you can avail yourself courses on different websites like Udemy, Coursera where there are many courses of Graphic Designing are available at different prices and have different course durations.

From here you can choose one course but before choosing any course check that are they teaching all the skills mentioned above otherwise you will have to buy more than one course. There are many YouTube channels that also providing graphic designing courses in different languages but finding any full-length course of good quality on YouTube is quite tricky.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities in this are really good as this is an emerging field. The jobs available in this field are increasing as the need of making online presence more elegant and alluring. Here you can choose that whether you want to take it as a part-time job or want to make it a full-time career.


graphic designing as a career

There are many multi-national companies and add agencies available which need a graphic designer and they use to pay a really good amount and perks to a graphic designer. If one wants to choose freelancing in Graphic Designing as a full-time career then it is also possible in this and freelancing also has good perks as one can charge money on the basis of work rather than any monthly salary also there is no boundation of working hours and many more.


As Graphic Designing is a skill-based work so one use to get paid for th work and quality of work so initially it the amount of money one will get in this may seem low but as the skills of any person increases the amount of money one is earning also increases.

The average starting salary for any person is around 15 to 20 thousand and for freelancers, it is around 197 rupees per hour initially. But as the skillset of any person increases the salary also starts increases because the salary hike in this really good.

If one wants then the person can go abroad for this work as the amount people getting in Graphic Designing there is higher as compared to India as the need for a graphic designer is also more. This is a stupendous opportunity for students in 2021 to learn and choose graphic designing as a career option.


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