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How to Crack NEET in First Attempt

Every biology student has a dream of cracking the NEET exam and there are almost 12 lakh students appear for this exam every year. This number is evidence which shows us the level of competition people face for securing a good rank in this exam.

Every aspirant use to wonder how to crack the NEET exam in the first attempt as nothing can be better than this for a student aspiring to make a career in the field of medical sciences.  However, only some students are able to crack the NEET exam in the first attempt.

how to crack NEET in first attempt

There are several reasons behind that the biggest reason due to which students are not able to crack the NEET exam is the lack of proper guidance. In this article, I have addressed this issue and I have mentioned everything one needs to know to score good marks in the NEET exam.

All of these points which I have mentioned have been endorsed by NEET Toppers and educators. All of these points are very effective and are applicable for all students so if you have joined any coaching or if you are using social media or any other resources and doing self-study only then also by following these methods you can crack the NEET exam.

These points are enlisted below that give you insight into “how to crack NEET in first attempt?”

  1. Know your Syllabus
  2. Focus
  3. Be Consistent
  4. NCERT is a must
  5. Single Book Multiple Revision
  6. Solve previous year papers 

Know Your Syllabus

When we wonder about exams like NEET then we all think of getting tricky questions and tricky concepts from every topic and hence we always struggle with how to tackle such tricky questions and how to crack NEET exam in first attempt.

This is something that we always expect in the NEET exam because we all know that this is the toughest exam for a student coming from a biology background and aspiring to make a career in the medical field. Here we all know that studying every topic in such a way that each and every concept and having command over every topic is not possible and also we have to prepare three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for this exam so it is very important to know your syllabus.

If you know the syllabus only then you will be able to understand what we should study and how to study. It will help you to prioritize your task according to your time so that you could improve your productivity.

Knowledge of the syllabus will help you in revision also because it is not possible to cover the whole syllabus in a limited time. To revise things effectively and to analyze paper in an efficient way it is very important to have proper knowledge of the syllabus.

In such competitive exams knowing what not to study is more important than knowing what to study so here also syllabus plays an important role. If you really know how to crack NEET in first attempt then this would be your first step.


When it comes to finding out the answer to the question that how to crack NEET exam in first attempt then several things come in our mind which bothers us very much and the thing which bothers us most is the question that how to create a balance between studies for board exams and studies for NEET exam.

This dilemma is normal as one has to perform well in both of these exams. In this situation, the time one will be getting for the preparation is very less and in situations where there is already a scarcity of time then wastage of time is not affordable hence it is needed to be focused while preparing.

Improving focus is very important because during preparation you will come across situations where you have to manage time and you have to deal with distractions that will affect your preparation.

During preparation, you will see people who are performing better than you and are better than you in such situations you may feel underconfident here is focused on your preparation is very important. You can improve your focus by doing meditation and yoga for some time. You should avoid distractions in order to improve your focus and efficiency.

Be Consistent

There is a famous saying that consistency is the key to success, as one can not achieve success without being consistent. Those students who wonder how to crack NEET exam in first attempt should understand the importance and power of consistency.

You have to keep working and keep studying irrespective of your daily problems and issues because in such competitive exams you have to face very high competition and you will see people who may know more than you.

During preparation also you will find that there are many people who are much better than you and have more knowledge which can make you feel underconfident but here you should keep this in mind that you are comparing your day 1 of preparation with someone else’s day 50 of preparation and the only way to reach there or to reach next level is by consistently doing the study.

Sometimes being consistent becomes tough because of being too much strict also so remember that although you are needed to study with focus and determination but being very strict with yourself or making so many rules for your study time will cause a problem for your consistency so try to be relaxed and always be flexible and ready to make changes with time table according to the situation because only then you will be able to sustain yourself in this process.

The second thing which may cause problems for your consistency is overthinking as many times people use to overthink about their future due to which they become so much anxious for the results and get distracted from their present situation so avoid overthinking. If you want to know how to crack NEET in first attempt this is the key factor.

NCERT is Must

NCERT is one of the best books for preparation for any exam. There are many toppers who have topped in many competitive exams also endorse the fact that NCERT can be the best book for preparation. The same thing applies to the NEET exam also as there are many toppers and teachers who have endorsed the fact that NCERT books are important if one wants to prepare for the NEET exam.

This has been seen that in NEET nearly 90% of the total questions asked in Biology are from NCERT and for physics and chemistry story is not different so if you will develop a habit of studying from NCERT books then you can surely succeed so if you want to know how to crack NEET in first attempt then you must know how to develop a habit of studying from NCERT books.

Many teachers who are teaching for NEET exam have also mentioned that they use to make notes from NCERT books and toppers of NEET exam have also mentioned that prefer NCERT books for studies and make notes from them as no book can be better than NCERT especially when you are thinking about how to crack NEET in first attempt.

In this way, you will be having a better knowledge of your subjects which you are going to study for exams also so NCERT can make things easy for you and you can save a good amount of time also which gets wasted on checking and finding different notes and books.

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Single Book Multiple Revision

This is a thing which is one of the most basic things one needs to understand for preparation for any competitive exams and following this particular method to study is very important if you want to know how to crack NEET in first attempt.

Students waste their time searching a better study material as they have this thinking that how one can crack such big exam like NEET by studying through one book only and due to this they always keep searching for another source or another material for other topics. In this process, so much time gets wasted in doing unnecessary things as there are multiple problems that arise when you switch from a book to another one.

Toppers of NEET exam, as well as teachers, emphasize on this thing that one should study from single or two books only and rather wasting time in searching better material for different subjects one should focus on revision.

Every student and teacher has also endorsed the fact that if you want to succeed in the NEET exam then you should revise things from the same study material again and again rather than studying multiple study materials without any revision as it will not going to help you so if you wonder how to crack NEET in first attempt then you should also keep this thing in mind that you have to revise things multiple times from same study material.

Solve Previous Year Papers

When we are talking about preparation for competitive exams like NEET then it is a must to have knowledge of each and every aspect of questions paper like paper pattern, types of questions asked in exams, and weightage of each topic so that we could get ready for all types of situations during exams.
For this solving the previous year, paper is a must as only after solving them you will be able to think about the kind of questions asked in exams their level of difficulty and other things.

It is very helpful for revision also because while solving a paper of previous year you will come across different terms and which and this thing will help you to set your priority during preparation and you will be able to understand which topic needs more time and more focus.

Many times students feel that question paper the format has changed or the level of difficulty has changed all of sudden because they have solved just two or three papers and did not understand the flow so it is advised to you that you must solve the previous year papers of at least 10 years so that you could understand all odd conditions and paper patterns.

These question papers will be the best source of checking your progress during revision so it is advised that you should start solving these previous year papers at least two months before the exam date. Solving the previous year’s paper is one of the best techniques in the list of “how to crack NEET in first attempt?”

This is true that cracking the NEET exam in the first attempt is difficult but most of the students already crack this exam in the first attempt. If they did, you can too crack the exam in the first attempt. I hope this article help you in finding the answer to the question “how to crack NEET in first attempt”?


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