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How to Increase Concentration in Studies

In the online era of education, the biggest problem is “how to increase concentration in studies?” This problem is faced by many students that they can’t concentrate on studies for a long time. Most parents complain that this is because of mobile phones. Yes, this is true but not the complete truth.

There are many reasons for lack of concentration. This time students are depending on phones so their online presence is more than required. Concentration is mandatory for every work either you are doing studies or you are working anywhere.

In this article, we discuss some cardinal methods that will help you in finding the answer to the question “how to increase concentration in studies?”

how to increase concentration in studies

Methods to Increase Concentration in Studies

  1. Make a Reasonable Study Plan
  2. Take a Short Breaks
  3. Improve Brain Power
  4. Set Study Goals
  5. Reward Yourself
  6. Turn off Mobile Notification while Studying
  7.  Study from Books
  8. Try Meditation
  9. Use Graphical Methods to Learn
  10. Take a Proper Sleep
  11. Always Study in Positive Surroundings
  12. Discussion with Your Friends

Let’s explore each method one by one and improve concentration while studying.

Make a Reasonable Study Plan 

The first step to knowing “how to increase concentration in studies?” is to make a study plan that you can easily follow. Most of the students make a study plan that they don’t follow and complain that the study plan is boring. This is boring because you made a tedious study plan.

This is a suggestion for all students that you should make a simple and reasonable study plan that you can easily follow. If you are comfortable with a 1-hour study plan then make it for 1 hour only.

Make a study plan according to your capacity. A study plan helps you in starting the study once you follow the study plan your concentration will gradually increase.

Take a Short Breaks

Many students do the mistake that they studying for long hours without any breaks which leads to a lack of concentration. Short breaks are essential during the study. Like if you make a study plan for 2 hours then take a small break of 5-10 minutes.

During breaks, students should listen to a song or take a small walk. Don’t use mobile during breaks because you don’t know how your time passes. Sometimes what happened students use their mobile phones and they forget about what they were doing earlier.

Improve Brain Power

The most important step to know ‘ how to increase concentration in studies?” is to improve brainpower. The concentration is related to your brain. If your mental health is good this will automatically enhance your concentration power.

There are many methods that will help you in improving your mental health. You can play Sudoku, Chess, solve puzzles, play memory games. At this time every student has a mobile phone. You should play these mental games that improve your brainpower.

Set Study Goals

Without a goal, you can’t concentrate on your studies. The paramount step to know ” how to increase concentration in studies”?  is to set some study goals for yourself. You heard that every successful person said that you must set goals for yourself.

You should be specific like how many chapters you have to complete. This motivates you to study and improve your concentration power.

Reward Yourself

Most of the students forget to reward themselves. Concentration is the state of mind when your mind is happy then it will be easier to more concentrate on your studies. The reward is very important as it gives a positive signal to the mind.

Every time whenever you achieved your goal appreciates yourself. This appreciation helps you in concentration during studies. This is one of the most important points in the list of ” how to increase concentration in studies?”

Turn off Mobile Notification While Studying

This is the topmost point in the list of ” how to increase concentration in studies?” Most students get distracted due to mobile notifications. There are so many notifications comes that divert the concentration of students.

This is very important that students must turn off mobile notifications during their study time so that they can entirely focus on study.

Study From Books

At this time we all taking education through online mode. This is one of the biggest reasons for the lack of concentration. If you really want to improve your concentration then you must start studying from books.

In starting it seems to be difficult but after some time you will be benefited from this habit. This habit not only enhances your concentration but also improves your reading habits.

Try Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to enhance your concentration. Meditation helps in improving focus and concentration. Just give 10-15 minutes to meditation and you will observe the positive change in your life.

Meditation is a powerful tool that will not only increase your concentration but also strengthen your mental ability.

Use Graphical Representation to Learn

Most of the students complain that they can’t remember what they studied. The best way to remember anything you studied is a graphical representation. During study make notes in form of figures and graphs.

Graphs and figures help you in reminding what you learned. The fact is that the human mind capable of retaining pictorial representation more easily than facts. So always try to make short notes in form of graphs or figures.

Take a Proper Sleep

Sleep plays an imperative role in concentration. Your brain needs rest so that it rejuvenates its capability. This time there is one common problem found in every student is insomnia. This could happen because of many reasons like stress, unhealthy eating habits, etc.

Try to make good sleeping habits so that your brain gets proper rest for 7 hours. Proper sleep definitely helps you in increasing concentration in your studies.

Always Study in Positive Surroundings 

Your surroundings put a great impact on your performance. Let’s assume if you are studying in a negative environment like everyone is watching TV and playing games then you can’t study.

This tip is suggested by my educators that you must study in a positive environment so that you can more concentrate on your studies. This is one of the best tips for “how to increase concentration in studies.

Discussion with Your Friends 

Sometimes you feel moron during the study and it’s quite distracting to study alone. You can take help from your friends. You can do group study that will improve your concentration in studies. In a group study, you can give the topic and after some time you can discuss this will help in improving your concentration.



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