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How to Prepare For GATE 2022?

GATE Exam is the crucial Exam for Engineering students. GATE Exam will be held on Feb 5, 6, 12, and 13. Now you have 1 month to boost your preparation. Most of the students already started preparation so for them it is time for revision, for those who haven’t started yet them also there are tips to start their preparation.

GATE 2022 exam will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur. On 25 January, IIT Kharagpur issued a statement in that they specified that GATE 2022 exam will not postponed. It will conduct on the same date as scheduled.

How to prepare for GATE 2022  

Let’s first know about what is GATE Exam? GATE Exam conducts for engineering graduate students who are willing to pursue their higher education or want jobs in PSUs. The time duration for GATE Exam is 3 hours. The pattern of the exam consists of MCQ as well as subjective questions.  It consists of 2 sections, General Aptitude and Technical Knowledge.

General Aptitude includes English, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. This section is for 15 marks. The section is Technical Knowledge that consists of questions from different domains.


Tips to Start Preparation for GATE 2021

  1. Analysis of Syllabus
  2. Make Study Plan
  3. Make a Short Notes
  4. Focus on Numerical Concepts
  5. Go through Previous Year Papers
  6. Revise Weekly
  7. Give Mock Test
  8. Have Positive Attitude
  9. Watch Toppers Interview Videos

Let’s start the journey to how to prepare for GATE 2022?

How to prepare for GATE 2022

Analysis of Syllabus 

The most important thing is for any exam is an Analysis of the Syllabus. If you don’t know the syllabus then how can you prepare for the exam? Analysis of the syllabus is the foremost in the list of how to prepare for GATE 2022. According to the syllabus, you can plan your study routine.


Make Study Plan 

A study plan is also quite important for how to prepare for GATE 2022? You don’t need to make a timetable or heavy schedule but you just need to allot specific time to an important subject. Most of the students waste their crucial time on unimportant subjects that are not good for preparation.

As you have only one month so you have to plan it accordingly. You should give priority to the subject which acquires more marks in exams. Make a list of subjects according to marks preference in exams.

Make a Short Notes

Making short notes is a cardinal step to how to prepare for GATE 2022? Short notes help you during your revision. You can not revise everything as it will take time but you can revise formulas, important facts.

Students should make short notes of important formulas, facts of each subject so that they can revise subjects in lesser time.

Focus on Numerical Concepts 

GATE Exam is based on numerical concepts rather than theoretical concepts. During B.Tech students are more focused on theoretical concepts. So it is important to focus on numerical concepts. Once your numerical concepts are clear it becomes easy for you to crack GATE 2022.


Go Through Previous Year Papers 

The best method to how to prepare for GATE 2022 is to solve the previous year’s papers. The importance of solving previous year’s papers is that you will get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam.

If you have completed your subjects then it is important to solve previous year papers this will give you an idea about the exam pattern.

Revise Weekly

Revision is the key to cracking GATE Exam. This is the most important step for how to prepare for GATE 2022? Students should revise subjects on weekly basis. For quick revision, you should revise short notes that you have made during your preparation.

Revision with short notes is quite easy. You can do a revision of any subject within a few minutes. You don’t need to revise the complete course you just need to revise short notes.

Give Mock Test

Mock test is the most important step to know how to prepare for GATE 2022? Mock tests help you to analyze your preparation. You can boost your preparation with the help of Mock Tests. You can purchase mock tests of Made easy, GATE Academy, ACE depend on your choice.

It is advised by toppers of Gate Exams that students must give the Mock Test in order to improve their performance. After analyzing your performance you can improve your performance and get better results.

Have Positive Attitude

To crack or prepare for any Exam the most important thing is to start with a positive attitude. Your attitude defines your results. A positive attitude helps you to get better results. If you want to know how to prepare for GATE Exam the most important thing is to have a positive attitude.

Start your preparation with the attitude of cracking that exam, it will definitely improve your results.

Watch Toppers Interview Videos 

Students must watch toppers interview as you will get an idea of how to prepare for GATE Exam? You must watch Toppers interview in order to get an idea about pattern exams. In interviews, they will discuss their mistakes, strategies. You can improve your performance by taking the advice from other students so that you can fully utilize your time.   Also Read:

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