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How to Start Freelance Business in 2022?

Freelancing is getting popular among students during COVID time. There are multiple perks of being a freelancer which fascinate students towards this field such as having no fixed working hours and being paid on the basis of work instead of hours due to which many students wonder how to start freelance business?

There are multiple questions that come across people’s minds when they think to start doing freelancing such as how to start freelance business and what are the things and skills required for this, what kind of skill will be best for the person and many more.

If you want to make a career as a freelancer and you also have any questions in your mind related to freelancing then in this article you will find answers to your questions because in this article we have discussed freelancing in detail.

how to start freelance business

In this article we have divided this whole process of how to start freelance business into four phases which are enlisted below:

  1. Learn Skills
  2. Polish Yourself
  3. Make Connections
  4. Hunting Opportunities


Learn Skills

If you want to know the answer to the question of how to start freelance business then you should know that in freelancing you will be judged and you will be paid according to your skills so first of all you have to learn a skill. For this, you can use the hit and trial method where you have to start learning that skill set for some time and if you like it then you can start learning it through a good course so that you can get decent knowledge regarding that skill set.

Learning any skill set may require a 3 to 6 months time period or more as it depends on the person. There are many methods through which you can learn any skill such as YouTube or websites offering free online courses. Below I have mentioned some websites from where you can check out the courses according to your interest:

Polish Yourself

After completing the course related to a skill set you can be able to perform different things which need that skill but there are several other things that you have to learn if you want to improve yourself.

For these things you need to do more and more work so that you could make yourself able to understand different other things and issues which may come later when you will start doing your own businesses so if you want to know how to start freelance business and how to make it a success then you should polish yourself.

For this, you can work for any person doing work in the same domain or you can start your own journey but here remember that your primary aim is to get more and more exposure to that particular field so that you can enhance yourself hence your primary aim should be doing more and more work even sometimes if you have to do it for free also then also do it.

Here this time period of this phase varies according to people but it is suggested that you should work for at least 1 year to reach up to a good level.


Make Connections

Freelancing is a domain where you must have to make connections in order to make any freelancing business a success. Making connections will help you in many ways such as getting your projects, making improvements in your work, etc.

If your customer likes your work then that customer can refer you for another project and in this way your customer can also be your connection so if you really want to know how to start freelance business then you should know how to make connections.

You can make connections on different social media sites and then you can pitch your work-related achievements and new projects on social media sites to get attention from them.


Hunting Opportunities

When you will complete the phases mentioned above then you have to hunt for different opportunities. Here you have to find different ways to get projects or orders for your skills. There are some predefined ways such as getting jobs through certain freelancing websites or getting these projects through social media sites.

You can also find a way to get new projects on your own but it is not necessary to do so as finding opportunities in freelancing websites and social media sites will be a good option.

When we talk about websites where you can search for a project related to your skillset then it means that you have to understand the bidding process because there will be multiple people offering services that you are offering. Some of the freelancing websites are enlisted below:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr
  4. People per Hour
  5. Toptal
  6. Dribble

Every person who wants to make a successful career as a freelancer used to go through these phases and while you go through these phases you will find out that getting success in this field is not easy.

There are certain things that you need to remember while going through these phases so that you could improve your chances of success. These points are discussed below:

Points to remember

  • Choose one domain
  • Focus on skills, not money
  • Have patience

Choose one domain

You should choose only one domain for freelancing so that you can improve your skills in that particular field rather than doing many things. You can use the hit and trial method for this.


Focus on skills, not money

This is one of the most important things to remember during the phase of polishing yourself because in that duration you need to improve yourself so if you get a chance to work for an even less salary then also do it without thinking of salary.


Have patience

Freelancing is a domain where you have to learn everything then you have to make a business on the basis of the skill set you have because you have to do more hustle than a person seeking a job so you need to have patience in this whole process.


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