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 Supreme Court Denied to Postpone IIT JEE/NEET Examination


On 17 August supreme court has refused to postpone IIT JEE/NEET Examination this year. In its decision court stated that it would be peril for students’ careers.

11 students of 11 different states had filed a petition to postpone the  IIT JEE/ NEET examination as the cases of Corona has been soaring. 

Students appealed that due to Coronavirus it would be difficult for them to reach examination centers and give exams. As students are also afraid to give exams as they are also dubious about whether all measures will be taken by exam centers or not.  

In their petition, students appealed to the supreme court to defer competitive exams until the abatement of the Corona cases.

In their petition students also alleged NTA  i.e and national test agency UGC i.e university grant commission is ignoring the predicament of students from Assam, Bihar, and flood-affected areas of the country.

Students contended that students from these areas would face difficulty to give exams. As it is not possible to conduct an exam either online or offline.

Court Decision :

On Monday apex court head Justice Arun Mishra dismissed the student petition regarding the deferment of the IIT JEE/ NEET examination.

Justice Arun Mishra said in his order that “we cannot put students’ careers in jeopardy for a long time. “Life cannot be stopped and we should move ahead in life with all safeguards. Education should be open up.

Coronavirus is going to continue for a year more. Are you going to wait for another year? Do you know what is the loss of country and peril to students?”

Justice Arun Mishra ordered that IIT JEE/ NEET examination will be held in September. Students can download the Admit Card from the official site of NTA and  JEE Mains site 15 days prior to examination.

NTA issued a public notice on 03.07.2020 regarding the conduct of the examination. In this notice, IIT/JEE examination was scheduled to be held between 1 Sept to 6 Sept and NEET to be held on 13 September.

NTA is a national test agency is a governmental test agency which is responsible for conducting entrance examination for higher educational institutions. NEET is responsible for conducting :

  •  Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)
  • National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Undergraduate ( NEET-UG)
  •  National Eligibility Test (NET)
  • Common Management Admission Test (CAT).
  • Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test

Is this order beneficial for students?

After the dismissal of the petition the question arising is whether this order is beneficial for students or not?  Is the supreme court overlooking the condition of students and the rising coronavirus? 

This order has a mixed impact on students. It has both positive and negative sides.

When we talk about the positive aspect of this decision, this decision gives students a ray of hope for those who are preparing for a year. Due to Coronavirus when the conduction of exams has stopped since march.

It makes students anxious about their future. This decision indeed gave relief to them since their academics will no be wasted. They can take admission in this year only.

As IIT already declared that their new session would start in December so this decision spur the procedure to take admission in IITs and medical colleges.


Negative Aspects of this Order

 What about states like Assam, Bihar, Uttarakhand, northeast. How students of these states will give the exam?

In these states where normal life has affected due to deluge then is it possible to conduct exams on these states. Many areas are heavily flood-affected states and are out of touch from mainstream cities.

Is it even possible for them to reach the examination center? The government should also ponder the plight of students. The government should make an arrangement for those students who are living in deluge affected areas. 

There’s are also problems for students in remote areas. IIT JEE/NEET examination centers are mostly in the main cities. And traveling nowadays is next to impossible for people from these areas since transportation is not like the rest of the days.

With only special trains running how can they ask students to travel in this large number.

If we look at the negative aspects of this decision we found that students’ anxiousness is not wrong. We all know what is the condition of Corona in our country.

In India, Corona cases are expediting with time. There’s no sign of detracting its effect. The government should think once on these points before conducting the examination.

1. Is it possible to conduct an examination with social distancing?
2. Exam centers should have proper arrangements for sanitizer and thermal checking.
3. The examination center should be close to students’ houses so they won’t face any problem in reaching exam centers.

we have seen the B.Ed entrance exam in UP. We saw there is no social distancing and proper arrangement for students.

One of the reports asserted that 20% of students who attended the B.Ed entrance exam later confirmed corona positive.

This fact is quite disturbing. Therefore students should take extra precautions whenever go for exams.

Political Angle in this Decision

Opposition parties like Congress, Trimul Congress, AAP come together against this decision. They instigated the campaign to oppose this decision of the supreme court.

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi conducted video conferencing with chief ministers of Punjab, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Puducherry, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, West Bengal.

These chief ministers of states strongly opposing this decision. These chief ministers are asserted that the government is ignoring the plight of students. Chief Minister of Delhi clearly said that he wouldn’t conduct NEET/JEE exam in Delhi.

This becomes a standoff between government and opposition. On one side the government said if the exam does not conduct it will affect student’s careers while on the other hand opposition said it will be fatal for students. 

Safeguard for students

Supreme court asserted that life must go on. I think that’s true as no one knows when the effect of coronavirus will abate. We have to move ahead in life by taking all safety measures.

The Supreme court suggested that students should take some precautions. These precautions are:

1. Students should wear a mask. Without a mask, they will not be permitted in the examination center. 
2. Students should carry their sanitizer.
3. Parents should not gather outside centers. 
4. Complete sanitization of the examination center should be done before exams.
5. Thermal checking should be done at the examination center.
6. Students should follow social distancing guidelines issued by the government.
7. Private vehicles should not gather outside the examination center.
But the government too should make sure the safety of students. They are the future of our country and should not be taken lightly.

We can avert the detrimental effect of coronavirus by taking all safety measures and follow social distancing. India is moving ahead in unlock-III phase where all industrial and general activities are running.

So it is also imperative to start academic activities again. Until the arrival of the vaccine, we have to learn to live with coronavirus. Before that UGC also dismissed the petition of final year students to cancel the exam.

Final year students again appealed to the supreme court. The decision on this petition is still pending.



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