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Job Oriented Courses After 12th 

Students are generally baffled about career options after 12th. They are perplexing which career options are best? which jobs provide a splendid career after graduation? the future scope of courses. Nowadays job oriented courses are prevailing among students. Students are more focused on jobs oriented courses that are the need of the hour.

If you are searching for the best job oriented courses after 12th in commerce, science, and art stream then read this post you will get all information regarding job oriented courses after 12th in every domain of education. Art, science, and commerce domain.

These three domains of education provide tremendous job opportunities in specific domains. Students opted for Science, Commerce, and Art streams in class 11th according to their interest. Students can choose careers according to their opted streams and lead a successful life.

Streams in Education:

There are 3 main streams in the education domain:

1.Science Stream
2.Commerce Stream
3.Art Stream

Job oriented courses after 12th
Science Stream 

The Science stream is the most opted stream among students. The Science stream comprises two branches i.e Maths and Biology. These two branches of science have various combinations of subjects like PCM, PCB, PCMB. Students can job oriented courses after 12th according to their branches.


2. PCB


job oriented courses after 12th
Job Oriented Courses After 12th for PCM Students:

PCM stream offers numerous job oriented courses after 12th. These courses include B.Tech, B.Arch, BBA, B.Sc, Merchant Navy, NDA.

Courses for PCM
B.Tech in Agriculture Engineering
B.Tech in Computer Science
B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
B.Sc in Forensic Science
B.Sc in Graphic Design
B.Tech in Marine Engineering
B.Sc in Animation

Course Fees:

1.B.Tech: 50K-2 Lakh/Year

2.B.Sc: 30K-1.5 Lakh

3.Biotechnology: 1.2-5 Lakh/Year

4.NDA:18,500/ Month

5.Merchant Navy: 2.5-10 Lakh

6.B.Arch: 1.5-3 Lakh/Year

7.Animation: 10K-50K

8.Graphic Design: 10K-50K

9.BBA: 50K-2 Lakh

Salary Offered:

1. Aeronautical Engineering: 5-8 LPA

2. Forensic Science: 2-5 LPA

3. Graphic Design: 2-3 LPA

4. Marine Engineering: 3-7 LPA

5. Biotechnology: 2-7 LPA

6. BBA: 2-5 LPA

7. B.Arch: 2-6 LPA

8. Animation: 1-3 LPA

Diploma Courses In PCM

1.Diploma in Aviation

2. Diploma in Civil Engineering

3. Diploma in Animation

4. Diploma in Graphic Design

5. Diploma in web designing

6. Diploma in Marine Engineering

7. Diploma in Computer Science

8. Diploma in Education

9. Diploma in Biotechnology

job oriented courses after 12th

Job Oriented Courses after 12th PCB:

  1. MBBS
  2. B.Sc in Physiotherapy
  3. B.Sc in Biomedical
  4. BHMS
  5. B.Pharma
  6. BAMS: Ayurveda
  7. BDS
  8. B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics
  9. B.Sc in Anthropology
  10. B.Sc in Rehabilitation Therapy
  11. BUMS: Unani Medicine

Course Fees:

1. MBBS: 50K-16 Lakh/Year

2. BUMS: 50K-7 Lakh/Year

3. BHMS: 20K-3 Lakh/Year

4.B.Sc in Anthropology: 30k-1.5 Lakh/Year

5.B.Pharma: 50K-2 Lakh/Year

6. BAMS: 30K-3 Lakh/Year

7. B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics: 1-5 Lakh

8. B.Sc in Physiotherapy: 30K-1 Lakh

9. B.Sc in Biomedical: 30K-80K

10. BDS: 50K-5 Lakh

11. B.Sc in Rehabilitation Therapy: 20K-50K

Salary Package:

1. MBBS: 8-10 Lakh/Year

2. BUMS: 2-7 Lakh/Year

3. BHMS: 3-6 Lakh/Year

4. B.Sc in Anthropology: 3-4 Lakh/Year

5. B.Pharma: 30K-4 Lakh/Year

6. BAMS: 3-5 Lakh/Year

7. B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics: 1.5-3 Lakh/Year

8. B.Sc in Physiotherapy: 2-5 Lakh/Year

9. B.Sc in Biomedical: 3-5 Lakh

10. BDS: 50K-2 Lakh/Year

11. B.Sc in Rehabilitation Therapy: 20K-2 Lakh/Year

Diploma Courses in PCB

1.Diploma in Physiotherapy

2. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

3.Diploma in Nursing

4.Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

5.Diploma in Radiology Technology

6. Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

7. Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis

8. Diploma in Clinical Pathology

9. Diploma in Pharmacy

10. Diploma in X-Ray

11. Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Job Oriented Courses after 12th for PCMB Students:

Students of the PCMB Branch can choose job oriented courses of PCM and PCB both as they are eligible for courses offered in the PCM and PCB branch. PCMB students can opt for either PCM job oriented courses after 12th as well as PCB courses.

job oriented courses after 12th

Job Oriented Courses in Commerce :

1. Bachelor in Event Management

2. BMS


4. BHM

5. B.Com in Accounting and Finance

6.Bachelor of Finance and Accounting 

7. Chartered Accountant

8. Company Secretary

9. Bachelor of Game Design

10. Bachelor in Tourism and Travel

11. BCA

Course Fees:

1. Bachelor in Event Management: 60K-1.5 Lakh

2. BMS: 1.5-4 Lakh

3.BBA: 50k-2.5 Lakh

4. BHM: 1-4 Lakh

5. B.Com in Accounting and Finance: 10K-1.5 Lakh

6. Bachelor of Finance and Accounting: 30K-2 Lakh

7. Chartered Accountant: 18K/ First Year

8. Company Secretary: 22,600/ First Year

9. Bachelor of Game Design: 1-6 Lakh

10. Bachelor in Tourism and Travel: 30K-1.5 Lakh

11. BCA: 60K-2 Lakh

12. Bachelor of International Business and Finance: 50K-5 Lakh

Salary Package:

1.Bachelor of International Business and Finance: 6-12 Lakh

2. BMS: 3-5 Lakh

3.BBA: 2-4 Lakh

4. BHM: 3-6 Lakh

5. B.Com in Accounting and Finance: 2-4 Lakh

6. Bachelor of Finance and Accounting: 3-6 Lakh

7. Chartered Accountant: 7-12 Lakh

8. Company Secretary: 4-7 Lakh

9. Bachelor of Game Design: 2-6 Lakh

10. Bachelor in Tourism and Travel: 3-8 Lakh

11. BCA: 2-4 Lakh

12. Bachelor in Event Management: 3-5 Lakh

Diploma Courses

1.Diploma in Business Management

2.Diploma in Computerized Accounting

3. Diploma in Finance Accounting

4.Diploma in Retail Management

5. Diploma in Hotel Management

6. Diploma in Business Administration and Commerce

7. Diploma in Digital Marketing

8. Diploma in Banking and Finance

9. Diploma in Travel and Tourism

10. Diploma in Event Management

job oriented courses after 12th

Art Stream Courses

The Art stream offers gazillion of job oriented courses after 12th. Students get opportunities in various courses like bachelor of arts, textile designing, bachelor in humanities subjects. Students should choose their careers according to their interests.

Art Stream offers bachelor courses as well as diploma courses in various domains like fashion designing, textile designing,  interior designing.

Job Oriented Courses After 12th Arts Students:

1. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts

3.B.Des in Textile Design

4. B.A in Interior Design

5. Bachelor in Psychology

6. Bachelor in Education

7.Bachelor of Mass Media

8. BA in Animation

9.B.Des in Graphic Design

10. BA LLB

11. Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing

12. B.Sc in Photography

13. Bachelor of Social Work

14. Bachelor in Fashion Design

15. Bachelor in Foreign Languages

Course Fees:

1.Bachelor in Fashion Design: 30K-3 Lakh

2. Bachelor of Social Work: 10K-30K

3.Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication: 30K-3 Lakh

4. Bachelor of Fine Arts: 60K-4 Lakh

5.B.Des in Textile Design: 50K-3 Lakh

6. B.A in Interior Design: 80K-3 Lakh

7. Bachelor in Education: 1-2 Lakh

8. Bachelor of Mass Media: 20K-80K

9. BA in Animation: 10K-50K

10. B.Des in Graphic Design: 20K-80K

11. BA LLB: 4-6 Lakh

12. Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing: 30K-80K

13. B.Sc in Photography: 20K-40K

14. Bachelor in Foreign Languages: 40K-2 Lakh

15. Bachelor in Psychology: 40K-50K

Salary Package:

1.Bachelor in Fashion Design: 3-6 LPA

2. BHM: 3-6 LPA

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts: 3-8 Lakh/Year

4.B.Des in Textile Design: 2-4 LPA

5. B.A in Interior Design: 3-5 LPA

6.Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication: 3-6 LPA

7. Bachelor in Education: 3-5 LPA

8.Bachelor of Mass Media: 2-4 LPA

19. BA in Animation: 2-5 LPA

10.B.Des in Graphic Design: 3-6 LPA

11. BA LLB: 2-5 LPA

12. Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing: 2-6 LPA

13. B.Sc in Photography: 2-5 LPA

14. Bachelor in Foreign Languages: 2-4 LPA

Diploma Courses in Art Streams:

1. Diploma in Multimedia

2. Diploma in Fashion Designing

3. Diploma in Health and Beauty

4. Diploma in Jewellery Designing

5. Diploma in Advertisement and Marketing

6. Diploma in Photography

7. Diploma in Education

8. Diploma in Animation

9. Diploma in Social Work

10. Diploma in Graphic Designing

11. Diploma in Foreign Languages

12. Diploma in Journalism

13. Diploma in Computer Applications


Commerce, Art, and Science streams offer splendid job oriented courses after 12th that are propitious for students. Students can start their career with this marvelous career options and get ahead in life. In this modern time, it is imperative to choose job oriented courses rather than traditional courses.

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