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Role of Artificial Intelligence In Education

Humans are evolving with time and the same happens with machines. We all need to decrease our efforts but want maximum output which is a good thing as this has become a reason why we are putting more and more effort.

The role of artificial intelligence in education is beyond limitation. There are a plethora of fields in education in which artificial intelligence work miraculously.

With the evolution of humans, machines are also evolving. Today there are many machines which working at such a great level of self intelligence which was unexpected by the person of old times because machines are changing and their working capabilities are increasing very fast.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Today we have artificial assistants which can do the work we want up to some level. But most machines are working as per our order and have limits in performing tasks where we want them to implement and change things as we want without asking them to do so.

For this thing, Artificial Intelligence came into focus where we are trying to give machines their own mind which means that we want machines the capability to think and make decisions on their own. In this post, I will discuss what is the role of artificial intelligence in education.

Let’s enunciate the efficacy of artificial intelligence through the historical background.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Historical Background of AI:

After world war ll, people felt the need to think out of the box thinking, and then the idea of artificial intelligence came into focus because of John McCarthy who is also known as the father of Artificial Intelligence. 

But this vision came into reality when IBM made a supercomputer that can evaluate 200 million moves in a single point of time and defeated the chess champion of that time Garry Kasparov many times. This was the first incident when a machine defeated any human being.

This is a fascinating technology that has tremendous opportunities in every domain of life. Scientists have been averring its imperativeness and supremacy in every domain of day to day life.

Though artificial intelligence is not a new term, it evolved in 1960 but the human is leveraging its ascendancy in the present scenario.

The role of artificial intelligence in education system is soaring with the need for digital education.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence:

Another remarkable incident took place in 2002 when the first cleaning robot was created named “Romba”. Which use to clean house, pet fur, car, etc., and then charge itself on its own. 

After that massive progress occurs in artificial intelligence and robotics. Robots are now being used in every field, now robots are being used in defense also to reduce human casualty.

It gets to another level when Tesla introduced a self-driving car in 2014  which uses Artificial Intelligence to sense the situation and react accordingly.

It is still getting more and more enhanced as Tesla is still working to make it precise and close to real-life situations which are making this technology more useful and important. This technology is not just used in vehicles but also in airplanes as autopilot mode is present in normal Airbus aircraft.

The eminence of Artificial Intelligence in Present Scenario:

Recently artificial intelligence is applied in many industries including automobiles, electronics, software, and even in medicine. In 2019 artificial intelligence proves its importance for humanity as this time it did not get used in any robot which can take lives instead this it is used in saving lives.

It is introduced in medical sciences in the detection of breast cancer which reduces the risk of human death rate by 60% as it helps to detect this breast cancer earlier than before.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

This is a technology that has been created a way for many advancements in many different fields and backgrounds whether it is traditional or modern, or it is technical or non-technical. It is been using by people in every field and implemented in every possible way.

We have many examples of this like Google Assistant in the Android operating system and Cortana in Windows operating system in mobile. In the present scenario where everything becomes digital then this technology is nothing less than a miracle.

Due to the unprecedented coronavirus where all schools and colleges are closed then this technology made it’s possible to uncease the education process.

This is the marvelous feature of artificial intelligence that allows students who are remotely studying and manage their projects. That’s the reason why the role of artificial intelligence in the education system is indispensable.

Let’s Discuss the core technology of artificial intelligence.

Difference between ML and AI:

At first look machine learning and artificial intelligence looks very similar to anyone but this is not true. In artificial intelligence when the user gives orders or inputs to machines then the machine also tries to understand our pattern and tries to mark further actions on its own without asking from the user but this does not happen in machine learning.

In Machine Learning there are algorithms that are present in the programming which just understands our orders and perform accordingly.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

For example, Image recognition is an example of machine learning as in this the camera understand the patterns of any image automatically and performs further task based on the program automatically but if the patterns in any image are not clear or an image is incomplete then it cannot complete the image but if the camera is using a program based on artificial intelligence then it can do so.

This makes the role of artificial intelligence in education purpose quite crucial. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence but it has some discrepancies in terms of algorithms. But both are equally important for students.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

How to Become an AI Developer:

Students can also opt for this technology as a career. In near future, all work will completely depend on artificial intelligence. So you can imagine how much potential this technology has.

Artificial intelligence also overpowers in the field of education.  We can stipulate the role of artificial intelligence in education to a gazillion extent.

There are many courses available on different platforms to learn artificial intelligence development which one can choose to learn this technology and excel in this field.

But before that one has to learn data structures and algorithms as these are needed to understand the concepts used in artificial intelligence.

One can start his/her journey of learning artificial intelligence by learning any of the programming languages among Python and R. After that data structures and algorithms and then search for an artificial intelligence course present on different sites like Udemy, Coursera, Future Learn and many other.

Then simply one has to search for the real-life problem on which one wants to work and create a solution then can advance on this technology and then one has worked on making projects compatible with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform.

Today it is quite easy to learn any technology as there are umpteen sources are present through which you can easily learn any language. If students want to learn artificial intelligence they must have prior knowledge of programming language.

Artificial intelligence is beneficial for all branches of students whether they are from CS/IT/EC domain or Civil/Mechanical domain as this technology is applicable in every field. Artificial intelligence is a board technology that involves machine learning and deep learning.

The prime role of artificial intelligence in education background is that it provides easy access to students as artificial intelligence involves the decision-making capabilities that help students in many ways. No technology can transgress the important role of artificial intelligence in education field.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Universities offering courses on AI:

There are many universities present worldwide which are providing diploma and other courses in artificial intelligence. One can access many of these courses provided by these universities either by joining the respective universities or by taking remote learning courses provided by these universities on artificial intelligence.

Universities all over the world understand the zenith role of artificial intelligence in education system and started offering courses. Here I want to mention the name of some of the topmost universities in India which are providing courses in artificial intelligence. These are:-

  1. IIT Bombay
  2. IIT Madras
  3. IIT Kharagpur
  4. IIT Trivandrum
  5. IISc Bangalore
  6. IIT Hyderabad
  7. ISI Kolkata
  8. University of Hyderabad

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education
Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence:

 It has a colossal scope in the future as every company every institute wants such technology which can reduce human efforts but increase the efficiency of work. The role of artificial intelligence in the education domain can be understood by its capability to provide job opportunities to students.

In the software industry, we have already seen that all companies either it is any top product-based company or a startup they have to do work on it. Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant are live examples of it.

And not just this we have seen companies like Uber and Ola focusing on this as does it not just help in adding more and features to their services but helps in increasing efficiency and accuracy also.

Banks are also trying to use Artificial Intelligence to its fullest as they want to improve accuracy and safety. And in this time when there is too much online transaction taking place, almost everyone is doing transaction online, the need of Artificial Intelligence increased to assure the safety of not just Bank’s assets but also account holder also. It is used in many other sectors and fields also like an automobile, intelligence, aerospace, etc.

It provides a good salary package to one as the starting package of an AI Developer varies from 7 lakh rupees to 15 lakh rupees in India. Whereas in places like America and Europe it is way more than this amount.

You can estimate the important role of artificial intelligence in education as well as in other domains of life. Students get a splendid job opportunity in this field as this field has been growing with the invention of the artificial algorithm.


I concluded this post with some important points that infer from the research on the role of artificial intelligence in the education system. The main role of artificial intelligence in the education domain is to provide students a real classroom and give an excellent user interface.

The main issue with the current education system is that education is completely theoretical there is no touch of technology. But it is the need of the hour to create a bridge between education and technology. Artificial intelligence fills this gap and provides efficient education for students.

Everyone recognizes the indispensable role of artificial intelligence in education system including school and university level education. Therefore everyone should recognize its importance and conspicuous role in different domains of education.

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Technical enthusiast · November 21, 2020 at 3:17 pm

Learning programming language for this is necessary?

    studentliveinfo · November 21, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    yes, it is mandatory to learn a programming language. If you want to make a career in Artificial Intelligence then you have to learn programming languages like python, tensor flow as you have to train a machine to develop decision-making capability.

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