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Skills to Learn During Quarantine

We all are going through this tough time of pandemic where we have to stay at home and we all are facing a situation where we have many doubts in our mind related to our future. We don’t know how the future situations and how much these situations will get changed by the time of the end of this pandemic.

This situation is a new experience for everyone, people don’t know how to tackle this situation. Many students are in their college or school having their online classes and are at home for the whole day which is causing many serious issues to their physical as well as mental health. Students are also having these issues because they are thinking about their future and have worries related to the future.


skills to learn during quarantine

To avoid these things it is needed that one should start some activities to do, getting engaged in such is helpful in many ways. These things not just helps one to stop worrying about this negative stuff but also helps in improving one’s skills. There are several skills to learn during quarantine for students.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss such things or skills to learn during quarantine. These skills can help one to get ready for future situations and one should remember that these skills are not applicable for just this time as all of these are a must-do thing for anyone who wants to excel in a career whether it is some job or any startup or any other thing.


skills to learn during quarantine

So don’t take this time as a curse instead of this utility this golden opportunity to its fullest. These skills are divided into four categories which are listed below:

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Financial Skills
  4. Creative Skills

1.Technical Skills

Technical skills one needs to learn may vary from person to person as the priorities of people and the field in which they want to pursue their career may vary. These skills may be anything like coding, graphic designing, article writing or other thing but in this article, we are going to mention the technical skills which are going to help you in either of the ways.

These are the best technical skills to learn during quarantine. If one wants to go for the private sector, public sector or one wants to start a business of its own then also these skills will going to help very much. These skills are:

1.Video Editing:

It is a skill which one should learn because this adds so much value to one’s personality and skills. In today’s time videos are needed for any kind of work. Either one wants to choose it as a career or not does not matters much as one can take it as a good hobby which will help the person to grow.

Today we need videos for every occasion and for every purpose. Videos are made by people for advertisement, remembrance of celebration, YouTube, and for many other things. So if one knows how to edit or make a video then one can do so for his/her college class, family get-together, project, or for some other reason.

Representing video of the making of any project makes a very good impression on people and it will help one to enhance individual personality as the person has some skill. It is one of the most popular skills to learn during quarantine and there are many reasons behind this.


skills to learn during quarantine

Video editing can be a freelancing skill for any person so one can start earning pocket money from this also or one can add a link of the video of making any project with the link of the project in one’s resume which will create a very good impression and the chances of resume getting shortlisted will also increase. Also learning this skill is not very tough, one can easily learn this in the time duration of two to three months.

There are many courses present on different websites and YouTube also through which one can learn this course easily. Video editing, video making are the best skills to learn during quarantine for students.


2. Digital Marketing

As everything is getting online today so the marketing and advertisement of things are also getting online. We have seen people using social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. for the purpose of marketing. So it is in need of the hour that a person should know the online marketing skills.

These skills will help one to increase online presence and a person will learn how to manage different things. There are many companies that use to hire people for the position of digital marketing intern and also full-time jobs so getting a job through this skill will also be easier for the person having prior knowledge of this.


skills to learn during quarantine

The best part of this is that there is no boundation of any stream so a person from any stream having an interest in this field can learn this and the chances of getting a job also depend totally on the proficiency of person. These are stupendous skills to learn during quarantine and anyone can easily learn while at home.

There are many websites that are providing courses on digital marketing with certificates and there are many YouTube channels that also provide courses on digital marketing. There are courses of digital marketing offered by Google and Microsoft also with certificates which definitely add so much value to one’s resume.
To know more about this field, refer to our previous blog where we have explained this in detail.

2.Communication Skills

Here communication skills are all the skills required for one to communicate the thought to more and more people in a correct and influencing way. To communicate our thoughts we need to make good choices of words so that we should make things going on the correct path, we need to take care that our speech should not be boring otherwise the listener will lose its concentration from the conversation.

Not just this but we have to learn to listen to what the other person is saying properly as only after that we will be able to deliver the correct message. So there are many things needed in order to have good communication skills.


skills to learn during quarantine

One needs to learn how to speak also have to take care of gestures and postures and also have to listen to the person very carefully. Communication skill is the topmost skill among the skills to learn during quarantine. Communication skills can be divided into two basic parts:

  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills

1.Listening Skills

Listening is one of the two most important parts of Communication. One should know how to listen up to any other person’s speech if one really wants to develop good communication skills as only a good listener can be a good speaker.

There are certain things about which one should take care like gestures and postures during listening, maintaining proper eye contact, being focused on what is being said by the person from another side. There are certain exercises that can help one to enhance listening skills.

While having a conversation with another person it is needed to develop confidence in the other person that the person is getting attention in order to have a good communication for which one needs to follow certain things. One should practice listening to that language and accent of the speaker, maintaining proper eye contact, nodding head during the conversation as all of these things will increase confidence or speaker as well as the confidence of self.

2.Speaking Skills

People think of this thing when it comes to communication and thinks that Communication is all about th art of speaking which is not correct but yes speaking is the most important thing in any communication and one needs to work upon this skill to improve this.

Many people who are working as public speakers, motivational speakers, and the main thing on which they have worked is speaking. To improve this one needs to learn new and more impressive words, one should know how to maintain eye contact with the audience or the listener, take care of gestures and postures, must know about the topic on which the person is going to have the session.

All of these things are very crucial and these things create the difference between a good and a bad speaker. Speaking skills are vital skills to learn during quarantine. There are certain ways through which one can improve these things. One can practice speaking in front of the mirror which will help the person to counter anxiety and fear and also will also increase the morale of the person by this one can notice gestures and postures also during speech and can improve them also.

But as learning how to speak is not all about this only one has to take care of many other things like choice of words, how to bind audience for long hours, how and when one should change the tone, and many other things.

One can learn such things through the courses available on different websites but in this case, going for YouTube will also be a good option as there are many good public speakers who have their YouTube channel so one can learn from there.

3.Financial Skills

In this time of pandemic and economic crisis, we all can easily understand the importance of money so it is required to learn financial Skills so that we can have some money. Money is not just related to living a lavish life or securing more and more for children but it is a way through which one can achieve financial independence and can make itself prepared for any problem which will arise in the future as need money.

We can see that those people who know the importance of investment and money-saving are able to tackle this situation of economic crisis more efficiently than those who did not have any idea about savings and investment. Financial skills are the need of the hour and also one of the best skills to learn during quarantine. There are two basic steps one should follow to enhance financial skills:

  • Basic Investment Options
  • Stock Market

Skills to learn during quarantine
1.Basic Investment Options:

These are the basic options available for one to start investing in various early stages of life. There is more about inculcating the habit of investment and savings only instead of creating a huge amount of returns from investment. One should start learning these habits from college or school time only so that one can give a good time to this habit of investment.

This one should about the basic investment options present like FD, RD, Mutual Funds, and others so that one can understand how to make investments and where one should invest. Here as these are the basic options for financial skills so one should take care about the thing that one should not invest any huge amount to these as these are just to learn investment and savings so start slowly.

2.Stock Market

The Stock Market is associated with investment and people use to invest in this to earn long-term wealth. The stock market may seem like an evil thing as many think that in the stock market many people use to lose their money in greed of big returns which is a debatable thing but there is one thing which is quite sure that stock market is considered as one of the best places for long term investment.

Investing in the stock market is not easy and rewire really good knowledge about the market and finance world to gain good returns. In order to learn these things one can refer to business coaches, there are many YouTube channels on which these business coaches provide information related to the stock market so one can search for them or one can refer to a particular course provided by any person related to this financial skill to learn about the options and ways.


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4.Creative Skills

There are too many things one has to do in order to live and achieve our goals. There are many things which a student or a person have to do because of professional as well as personal need which makes life very hectic and among them, this situation of the uncertainty of anything makes it more worst than before. where we don’t want ourselves to get burned out by just doing things otherwise things will become more tough and complicated for us.

We need to relax and make ourselves feel relax for some time so that we can regain our energy. Here these creative Skills can help us as by getting engaged in such creative skills we can cut ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the whole day and can refresh ourselves. Creative skills are the most rated skills to learn during quarantine.

Here these skills are not just important to relax but can be a career option for one in the future as who knows about the future and at this time the level of uncertainty is getting more and more high. At this time it is needed to choose one skill like gardening, sketching a mandala, painting, dancing, music or any other skill as you like and devote some time of your day to it so that you can relax and forget about to-do list in this duration just enjoy this time to it’s fullest.

Here we are not going to divide these skills into subsections as there is no need to do such. Here choosing any of the creative ho by depends totally on the person and it’s basic and very first aim is to create inner happiness and refresh you but it is suggested that don’t use social media or phone during this time as it will not going to add anything good for you and it will just increase worry and fear.

These skills listed above are splendid skills to learn during quarantine. These skills are easy to learn and you can make a stupendous career.

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