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Getting a good job is always a dream for every student. People try their best to beat or crack any written exam conducted in any domain whether it is technical or non-technical and the story is the same for government and nongovernment but problems do not end here even they have just begun as the people have to face interviews for any of the jobs if they really want to grab a good job.



In fact, interviews rounds are the stepping steps for the jobs and most of the people get rejected at this stage. There are many private companies that have many interview rounds for filtration of candidates appearing in a job and in the government sector also there are many departments that have the toughest interview rounds in the world.

Here one should understand that practicing in the right direction is also equally important. For this we have come up with the list of top websites for online interview preparation which is enlisted below:

  1. Ambitionbox
  2. Ace  The Interview
  3. GeeksforGeeks
  4. Leetcode
  5. Gainlo
  6. CareerCup
  7. Codercareer
  8. InterviewUp
  9. Indiabix

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Ambitionbox is one of the topmost websites for online interview preparation sites. It is launched and operated by Naukri.com for interview preparation. Naukri itself is a very famous website for searching and applying for jobs so the kind of content they use to provide is really good.

They use to provide a lot of features through which one can search and prepare for a particular type of job and can change preferences also which proves that this is a personalized website for any kind of preparation.

 You can also buy courses where you can get a full course and help through which you will be able to complete the course in a certain timeline. The community is very helpful and if you will ask any question in the discussion or comment section then surely you will find answers to your questions.

Ace The Interview

Ace The Interview is among the well-known websites for online interview preparation. It is one of the topmost interview preparation websites for the IT sector and the way they use to provide interviews is quite impressive which makes it stand apart from others.

Here you did not have mere articles and discussion box or comment section to prepare for an Interview but you can find videos of mock interviews to prepare for any IT company.

Here you can enroll in different programs and courses where you will not be able to only see those mock interviews but will be able to give a certain number of mock interviews in order to ace your course.

One can also see and understand the way different interviews are designed so that it can be easier to tackle those Interviews rounds. In this app, they have reverse-engineered the interview process to give the best experience to the candidates.


GeeksforGeeks is a website that does not need any introduction especially in the domain of IT and Computer Science. It is one of the well-known websites for online interview preparation which is basically made for the preparation for different coding rounds and coding interviews initially and it has worked really well in this domain.

It is considered the hub for all coding questions asked all over the world. People trust this website so much when it comes to crack coding or programming rounds and also for other technical interviews of different companies and backgrounds.

Here things are personalized and more than enough for one to prepare in any of the domains. Here one can surf any topic or question and the probability of getting that question or topic with a lot of explanation and practice sets is very high.

Previously it was focused on the domain of IT and software only but now it has started working in making things better for people of other technical domains also. The features of this website stand it among the reputed websites for online interview preparation.



Leetcode is a new yet very famous website in the field of IT and software especially as it has been rated very high by the people who have practiced through this website for their exams. It is basically made for the coding or programming rounds or interviews rounds based upon coding and programming as a domain.

Like GeeksforGeeks it was also a domain-specific website but not it has started spreading its reach in different domains. Despite being a new entry it is a very famous and among the most preferred websites for the online interview preparation of coding interviews of different companies. There are many features of this website that made it pompous.

It’s most important and we’ll known feature is the crisp in the questions it provides to the people. Unlike other websites here no. of questions are definite which makes it easy to understand any topic and move to the next without being stuck at any loop of sam level questions.

The community is really helpful so if you have been stuck on any question you just have to put that question in the comment or discussion section and you will find the answer to that question. Here you can find daily challenges which will surely help you to maintain consistency and improve your level of performance.


Gainlo is regarded as one of the popular websites for online interview preparation but here the things are quite different and you may love this website most among all others if you like being in that real arena of interviews to prepare for them. Here one did not get a chance to just prepare for the interview by reading and practicing questions and reading archives and experience.

Rather here you will get a chance to give mock interviews in order to improve your performance and know about the flaws you have in your preparation. Here once you will get enrolled then you have to choose the company you wanted to prepare for, then you can give interviews accordingly.

There are many people who want to get prepared for the real atmosphere by living in that atmosphere as they find this the best way for their preparation. For such people, this website can prove worth learning as here you will be interviewed by the person of the respective companies for which you are preparing mock which makes it the best.



CareerCup is a combination of many things as here you can find interview questions, books for preparation of technical rounds of any exam, mock interviews, and also resume reviews which makes it a one-stop solution for many queries which use to arrive at people’s minds while preparing for an interview of any company.

Here people can watch mock interviews and can understand the level of toughness of any particular question in any company so it becomes really good for any person to understand. Basically, they use other person’s experiences as a tool to counter any odds which may occur during the real interviews of a person.

Despite this, they have questions enlisted which are asked in interview rounds of different companies so one can practice these questions also. As I have said earlier and you may see the kind of services they offer we can easily find out that why it is considered as the one-stop solution to many queries of a person.

They use to do resume reviews for the person so that person can be made a good resume which will help it’s resume to get selected for further rounds of any company as resume selection is also a very crucial part in big tech companies. This website is considered one of the popular websites for online interview preparation.


As we know that learning from other’s experiences is the best of learning for a wise person, this thing is the basic idea behind a coder career which makes this a success and a preferred choice for coding interviews of companies.

It is basically a website where you can find archives experiences and company reviews by the people who have cracked interview rounds of those companies and also from the employees of those companies.

So it becomes quite easy to crack any round or any exam of some company. Here it is suggested that you should have good knowledge and a good grip over topics which are most likely to be asked in the interview rounds of those companies.

On this website, you can find blogs related to a particular company and then you can prepare for those companies through them as they use to provide questions and approaches to reach a solution to that question.

Many times this also happens that people did not understand things asked or written in the exam then you can find answers in the comment section and you will find the answers to your questions.

Here also the community is so helpful that if you did not find the answer then you just have to ask a question your question in the comment section and someone will surely answer your question. This is the reason why it is among the topmost websites for online interview preparation.


InterviewUp is a website that is basically made on the basis of community and hereafter getting signed in you will also be a part of a community that asks questions and answers those questions also. It is among the outstanding websites for online interview preparation where you just have to sign in to ask your question regarding interviews and people from the community will come up and answer you.

It may be considered as the best and easiest way of using websites for online interview preparation because here you did not have to make a paid account for searching asking and answering questions.

If you want to prepare through all means provided there like practicing questions and mock interviews then you have to purchase different packs. Here if you want to maintain consistency then also you can enroll in different contests.

As I have mentioned earlier that here you will find paid and unpaid services so choosing for them and making a good choice is very important otherwise this will take not just money but time also where you will not be able to improve your level and will be stuck at this loop only.

The discussion is a very healthy and one of the best ways of improving performance as the kind of problems we face can be tackled with the help of any person who has already been through that phase.


IndiaBIX is the topmost preference among websites for online interview preparation. This is useful for those candidates who want to prepare for an interview and wanted to get answers to technical questions from subjective topics. Here a person can find things related to the interview rounds of many governments and non-government as well as technical and non-technical subjects.

It is quite obvious for this website to be popular among people. It has a wide range of questions for different things such as aptitude questions for banks and UPSC, aptitude questions for specific companies in the private sector.

They have divided questions as per the topics and subjects also which gives us a wide range of questions to explore. If a person is preparing for any exam related to the ore field of the technical domain but that field is different from software and IT then this website can provide all the assistance needed all alone.

For the students of IT and software field also it has many things as here a person can easily find topmost questions asked in the subjects such as OOPS, DBMS, OS, and Computer Network because questions from all of these are considered as subjective questions and did not have things like logic building so many time finding assistance for such things becomes quite tricky and difficult for a person.


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