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Courses For Biology Students

Biology is the study of life and living organisms, and it is not restricted to general medicine. As a result, there is a large range of sub-fields within this domain that can be explored after the 12th. We have selected some of the key multidisciplinary specializations for individuals looking for courses in biology after 12th except MBBS to assist you further in your research.

 If you have a foundation in biology, you will find that your alternatives after class twelve are broad. From professional to graduate degrees, you can study a variety of courses in this discipline. Before selecting a course, consider your interests and areas of interest.


courses for biology students

Are you looking for the best courses for biology students? If so, this site has a list of numerous biology courses. Please read this. Biology professors are in high demand in India. The emphasis in schools has shifted from rote learning to conceptual comprehension, creating an urgent need for competent and educated biology teachers at all levels: primary (classes 1-5), middle (classes 6-8), and secondary (class 9-12).

Biology students must be able to operate well with laboratory equipment. They must be able to work well in groups and communicate effectively with other members of the team. They must frequently take the initiative and operate autonomously. Biology requires a lot of research, so they must have great research skills. Biology students must work under pressure at times, therefore they must be skilled at remaining calm and managing time efficiently in order to fulfill deadlines.

There are numerous Science Biology courses available, including MBBS, Nursing, BAMS, BDS, B.Sc Nursing, GNM, and B.Sc. An applicant may select any course based on his or her area of interest.

List of courses for biology students:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Physiology
  • Food and Agricultural Technology
  • Marine Biology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Environmental Science
  • Biophysics
  • Biochemistry

List of courses for biology students other than MBBS:

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
  • BTech Genetic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • BTech/BSc Food Technology
  • Bachelors in Neuroscience
  • BSc in Nutritional Biology
  • Bachelors in Molecular Biology
  • Bachelors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Bachelors in Microbiology
  • BSc Microbiology
  • BSc Nursing
  • Bachelors in Molecular Bioengineering
  • BTech Biotechnology
  • BSc Toxicology
  • BSc in Biochemistry
  • Bachelors in Biomedical Science


BDS Dentistry is another popular and widely used part of the medical field. BDS is a professional degree that takes 5 years to complete, including 1 year of work experience. It is one of the best courses for biology students after 12th grade. In India, the NEET test is used to get into BDS colleges that offer this course.

This degree is all about dental practices, like how to treat all kinds of diseases, deformities, and injuries that affect people’s teeth and jaws. It’s a course that goes into detail about clinical dentistry, general medicine, and surgery.

After getting a BDS, a person can work as a dentist in a hospital or start their own private dental clinic. PG and specialized courses are also available for candidates who want to keep learning.

 Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.VSc)

It’s a 5-year undergraduate course in veterinary science, and after 12th-grade biology, it’s one of the most popular courses after MBBS and BDS. One must pass the 12th grade with majors in physics, chemistry, and biology. Candidates are taught how to find diseases in animals and birds and how to treat them.

Veterinarians are in high demand at government animal hospitals and clinics, wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, poultry farms, and dairy farms to keep animals and birds healthy and treat them. With all of these great job opportunities, it’s easy to make a career out of this course.


Bachelor of Ayurvedic, Medicine, and Surgery is what BAMS stands for. It is the first year of an Ayurvedic medicine and surgery course. India is where Ayurveda science began, and it is now a popular alternative to allopathic medicine.

This course takes 4.5 years to finish, and one of those years is a required internship. As the need for Ayurvedic doctors grows, BAMS graduates have many career options. They can start their own clinic or work at an Ayurvedic hospital after they finish their course.


Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery is one of the best professional courses for biology students after 12th-grade . It takes 5.5 years to complete, with 4.5 years spent in school and 1 year spent working in a hospital to gain practical experience. Germany is where homeopathy began. A merit system is used to decide who gets to go to college.

In this course, people learn about the homeopathic system of medicine. After getting their BHMS, candidates can put “Doctor” in front of their name. As an alternative to allopathic medicine, homeopathy is becoming more and more popular. In this, the disease’s cause is looked at, and there are no side effects. But the treatments are slow and take a long time compared to other methods.


After 12th grade of Biology, you can take BUMS or Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery.
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery is a full course that takes 5.5 years and is based on the Unani system of medicine. 4.5 years are spent in school, and 1 year is spent on an internship. Candidates who took Urdu in high school are given more weight than those who didn’t. For candidates to get into this course, they must be at least 17 years old. BUMS graduates have a wide range of job options in India and around the world.

B Pharma

To become a pharmacist, you need to go to school for four years and get a Bachelor of Pharmacy. After 12th grade biology, it is one of the most popular courses. To take this course, a candidate must have gotten a total of 50 percent in biology in the 12th grade.

There are many opportunities for people with a B. Pharm. both in India and in other countries. One can work as a pharmacist, be a patient counselor, or go on to get a Master’s degree or something similar.


After 12th grade of Biology, you can take courses like Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT or B.Pth, both of which stand for Bachelor of Physiotherapy). The four-year undergraduate program includes a six-month internship. It is one of the best physiotherapy courses for biology students after 12th-grade.

During this course, candidates learn about massage therapy, physical exercises, electrotherapy, and ways to improve the health and mobility of patients. People with a BPT can work in places like hospitals, health centers, sports fields, gyms, and more. One can also open his own clinic for physiotherapy.

D Pharma

People often say “Pharm D” when they mean “Doctor of Pharmacy.” It’s a 6-year postgraduate program in pharmacy, with 5 years of classes and 1 year of work experience. Science students who have finished their 12th grade and have a diploma can take this course.

During the course, candidates learn about clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, health care, and pharmacy practice, among other things. This course can be done in 3 years by people who want to get their B. People who want to take this course can choose from the list of Pharm D Colleges in India.

Candidates for a Pharm D can choose to work in hospitals, community health centers, nursing homes, or as private pharmacists.


Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery, or BSMS, is a 5-and-a-half-year undergraduate degree program that includes a one-year internship. This course is based on Siddha medicine, which is the oldest of all the different kinds of medicine.

Those who pass BSMS will be called doctors and can open their own clinics. They can also become Siddha doctors and work in both private and public hospitals. He or she can also choose to go to college.


After 12th grade of Biology, students can take the Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga (BNYS)
BNYS is an undergraduate program in integrative medicine that takes 4.5 years, plus one year for an internship. In this course, the candidates learn about both naturopathic medicine and modern science.

You can take this course at a number of colleges and universities. India and other countries want BNYS doctors very much. He or she can work as both a general practitioner (GP) and a specialist in naturopathy.



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