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Government Decision on School and Colleges Opening

The cases of the corona are soaring day by day in India. India has crossed 7.8 million cases. In this time every economic activity is running without any limitations.

After 7 months of lockdown, the government has decided to open schools and colleges. The decision on school opening has a lukewarm response as some of the students like this decision while some of resisting this decision on school  Opening.

Schools and colleges have been closed since March for students but online classes have conducted by schools and colleges. Till this time all training institutes, coaching, schools, and colleges are closed.

Students are attending their classes through online platforms like zoom, google meet, Whatsapp. Amidst speculation of whether schools and colleges will open or not, there’s news that came on a decision on school opening.

The central government in its decision on school opening said that it depends on the state government whether they want to open or not.

Decision on School OpeningSchool Management Views :

School Management is ecstatic about this decision on school opening. Due to the corona pandemic, many students have left school and many have not attended online classes. It causes loss to schools. This is a lucrative decision for them.

The central government said that it would be the state’s decision on school opening besides parents’ consent on this decision. State government asserted that schools can be open but they require parents’ consent form.

Parent’s View on this Decision:

Parents are not satisfied with this decision on school opening as they are concerned about their child’s safety. Parents said it is like jeopardize students’ life. Parents are scared that what if their children get affected by a coronavirus. Though the government has decided that only those students attend the school who will submit the parent’s consent form.

Student’s Views on this Decision:

Students are elated with this decision on school opening. The school has closed since 13 march and students feel mundane at home. They want school should be open so that they can go out and meet their friends. They are also exasperated from the online class and ecstatic that school will open.

Decision on School OpeningGovernment Suggestions:

  1.  State Government has decided that schools will open on the 19th of October.
  2. Schools require a consent form of parents.
  3. Students whose parents allowed them only they can attend the class.
  4. Class 9 to 12 will run in schools.
  5. Classes of 9th and 10th will run from 8 a.m to 11 a.m while classes of 11th and 12th will run from 12 a.m to 3 p.m.
  6. The intention of taking classes at different times is to avoid gathering and maintain social distancing.
  7. Schools will open with 50% of students.

Suggestions for Students:

  1. Students must carry sanitizer and wear masks.
  2. Students should maintain social distancing and avoid gathering with friends.
  3. Students should avoid eating outside foods.
  4. Only one Student should sit at one desk.
  5. Students should avoid touching anything in school.
  6. Students should avoid handshake and physical contact.

Suggestion for Schools:

  1. School Management should do the proper arrangement of sanitization.
  2.  School Management should have the proper arrangement of thermal scanning.
  3.  Schools should appoint one member in each class to monitor students’ activities.
  4. School Management should avoid seminars, workshops, and any functions.
  5. School Management should arrange seats in such a manner so that social distancing can maintain.
  6. Schools should manage facilities for those students who are not able to attend the offline class.

Corollary of this Decision:

The Corollary of this article is to emphasis on government decision on school opening. This time it’s not safe to open schools and colleges in this pandemic time. As the number of cases surging in India, it becomes a matter of concern whether it is safe for students or not?

Parents’ concern is also plausible as they are fretting about their child’s health. The state government order issuance that it completely depends on parents’ decision.

If School will open from 19th October then both students and school management should follow all guidelines and avoid public gathering.

Decision on School OpeningSobering Questions:

1. Is it possible for students to maintain social distancing?

2. Is all schools are capable to arrange proper sanitization process?

3. Is this possible to make a proper seating arrangement at school?

4. What are tactics to avoid debacle situations at school?

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