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How to Concentrate on Studies For Exams

We all wonder how to concentrate on studies for exams and we try many different things to do so but in this article, I am going to include only those ways and exercises which are proven and are endorsed by the toppers of the board as well as toppers of entrance exams like JEE, GATE, and NEET. I have taken reference from the book Deep Work to explain my methods and ways, which have been written by Cal Newport who himself is an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University.

how to concentrate on studies

There are four major things we should care about to improve concentration and get better output and all of these are explained below:
  • Avoid Multitasking
  • Reduce Distraction
  • Intense Focus
  • Increase duration of work slowly
Let’s explore these methods one by one :

Avoid Multitasking

Many of us think that in this modern era we have to do multiple things and we have to do many things at the same time to improve our productivity and this could be correct for the tasks which do not require your attention or concentration. Whereas in reality, it is important for those people who think how to concentrate on studies that they should do a single task at a time.
You can find many studies on the internet which have been done to analyze the difference between the output difference between single-tasking and multitasking and they have found a very big difference in the output and the quality of output.

There is a very famous quote of Sir Richard Cech that “The best way of doing many things is to do one thing at a time” which tells us about the importance of single-tasking.


Reduce Distraction

It is very tough to deal with distractions like social media, net surfing and so many things that actually kill our time and concentration. with time, we have started accepting this. We often have developed a habit of living with these distractions because we did not feel that these distractions can affect our concentration very much and if we think so then also we did not know how to avoid or reduce them so if you are thinking about how to concentrate on studies then you must apply this.
It has been recommended by Cal Newport that whenever you are sitting for study, at that time you should not have your mobile phone or any other device near you on that table and you should try to avoid sitting in a room having television or any such device.

Here remember one thing that breaking off from all of these things directly will also cause problems for you so just try to reduce these distractions as having zero distractions is very tough and it will be hard to do so continuously if you try that.

how to concentrate on studies

Intense Focus

If we are searching for the answer to the question “How to concentrate on studies for Exams” then this is something which we all want to achieve but the issue is that by avoiding multitasking and by reducing distraction we can stop our conscious mind from being unproductive but in order to improve concentration we are needed to have intense Focus on our present task.

This can be achieved only by practice as it is very tough to stay in the present because most of us have this habit of overthinking about things that are not in our control. You can do meditation to improve focus because it has been proven that meditation is very effective for improving focus.

how to focus on studies

How to study fast and remember everything

Increase Duration of work 

Whenever we try to make improvements in our studies we always try to increase our hours of study all of sudden which leads to problems and most of the time we fail to continue that habit. This is one of the most basic yet most frequent mistakes we use to do instead we are needed to increase our study hours slowly so that we should not feel a burden over ourselves.

Usually, when we ask ourselves how to concentrate on studies we use to make so many rules and we try to do each and everything correctly from the very first day, this is the reason we usually fail to continue any habit we had initiated to avoid that we should focus on doing things then slowly and gradually we can improve ourself in that thing.

how to concentrate on studies

Till now we have understood about the things we are needed to do in order to improve our concentration but the question now arises that how to do these things so for that we have following ways:
  • Use Will Power
  • Enjoy Boredom
  • Avoid Social Media
  • Focus on Deep working
Let us understand all of these ways:

I. Use Will Power
Whenever we use to think about how to concentrate on our studies one thing comes to our mind that we have to use our willpower in order to make ourselves more effective and reduce distractions and hence we use our willpower to stop ourselves from being distracted but here remember one thing that there is a limit of using will power so use it efficiently.
Whenever you sit for studies you have to sit at a place there are already fewer distractions and if possible then put things like your phone and other devices away from you. In this way if you will crave for using any such device then you have to get up, in this case, chances that you will get up from study table are very less.

II. Enjoy Boredom

Sitting at a place and studying for long hours is a boring process but the thing to remember is that we could achieve our goal only when we will be able to enjoy this boredom. This is a very rigorous process as developing the habit of doing boring things is not going to happen overnight and you are needed to be lenient towards yourself so try to find ways to enjoy doing stuff that you feel is boring but necessary.

III. Avoid Social Media
In this era of information, social media is necessary so it is not possible to quit social media totally but if you are searching for the answer of how to concentrate on studies then you have to limit the use of social media for this need to develop a habit of not using social media before going to sleep and just after waking up because then you will keep thinking about stuff you have watched on these social media platforms.

You should avoid using social media just before and after study time so try to avoid it before half hour of study time and again for the next half hour after study time.

IV. Focus on Deep working 
We often do this mistake of scaling our work on the basis of hours we have spent and due to this we always keep our focus on study hours but if we will analyse our time of study then we will find out that most of use to do devote only 30% of our total time on Deep working and rest of the time we use to just spent our time without any focus.
To make habit of deep working for long hours you can take 5 min break after every half hour, in this way you can improve your productivity and time for deep working.

I hope you enjoy this article and you get the answer to the question “How to concentrate on studies for Exams”.

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