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MHRD Decision on Marking 2020 Year as Zero Academic Year

MHRD decisionDue to this unprecedented Coronavirus, all academic activities are stalled. Though the MHRD ministry of India had announced that all college students from the first year to the third year would get promoted the decision in the fourth year is still dubious.

Since all students get promoted to succeeding year there was a question arouse to mark the year 2020 as the default year. 

On Monday, the MHRD decision has come to mark this year as Zero Academic years. MHRD ministers ask all institutions to start online classes for students so that they won’t get untouched from the study.

However, there has no order regarding the opening of colleges as corona cases in the country soaring day by day. 

Earlier it was envisaged that colleges would open in August but after seeing the condition of cases government deferred its decision to open colleges and universities. 

Many colleges have started their new academic session from 4 august. AKTU, the UP technical university also ordered its affiliated colleges to make arrangements for providing online classes for their students.

In this post get a complete overview of MHRD decision on marking Academic Year 2020 as the working year.


Impact on College Students

 MHRD decision states that this is good news for students as students were dubious and fret about their careers. Students were worrying that their year would waste. This is relieving news for all students. MHRD ministers conceded not to mark this year’s zero academic years.

Since it been a long time students haven’t met their friends they wanted to go college but due to the pandemic this time it looks surreal. But institutes are making efforts so that their study will not get affected.

Some Positive Points of MHRD Decision:
1. This academic year will not waste.
2. Students will get the opportunity to continue the study of next year.
3. There will no obstruction in their education.
4. All colleges and universities will provide a quality education through online classes. Through online modes, students will continue their studies.

Teachers are providing education to students through online methods and it will continue in the next session also.
Online Classes for Next Academic Year

Colleges have been taking the online classes since March. Educational institutes are making effort to provide education to all students.

As all students promoted to next year. There was dubiousness about how to start a new academic year ?, when will it start?

Amid all this anomalistic condition many institutions have started their new academic year via an online platform like zoom, google meet. 

 Online classes are a good option for education but it has some negative impact also. Those students who are living in a remote area. The internet connection is good enough. Then how can they get benefit from this class? 

Governments are making effort to reach all students in every part of the country. But those areas which are farthest from urban it seems quite difficult. 

Hilly areas students are also facing problem to attend online classes.  North-east students are also facing the same problem. 

Online Methods:

There are several methods through which teachers are teaching their students. These methods include Zoom classroom, Google meets, Jio -meet, youtube.

These are new pedagogical methods at this time. The government has also started a program with Doordarshan to provide education to those students who don’t have smartphones. There are many students who don’t have smartphones.

To make them study online many NGOs distributed smartphones in remote areas so that no students will untouched from their study.


Any Chance About Opening College 

This time it looks quite dubious to open colleges as cases of corona in India expediting. It’s also not safe for students. It will risk their health.

The government has already declared that they would take a decision on opening schools and colleges according to the situation.

However, the country is leading towards the unlocking process. Does this question also arise whether the college will open in the next unlocking stage? 
There was news that college would open in September but it’s not clear yet. The government seems not in the mood to open schools and colleges. IITs and IIMs have already declared to start their new session from December. 

 What about Final Year students?

There is debate about final year students. We have seen conflict over final year exams between the central government and state government.

Many states have denied the MHRD ministry order on the final year exam. Students and some state governments have appealed to the Supreme Court regarding the final year exam. Though, the Supreme court refuted this plea. 

The final year demanded a degree that as all year students get promoted next year. But the MHRD ministry denied their request. MHRD decision on final year exams has been opposing by various parties.   

What’s your opinion on this matter? Comment me about your suggestions.


Would it safe to conduct exams? 


What are your views about this? Is it safe to conduct final year exams? According to me, it’s not a good decision. Is any exam above students’ health? As no one in the world is safe from this virus. It has been affecting every age group then how final year students will give an exam.

What if students will get affected? No one has answers to these questions. Students are also worried about this. They want to cancel the exam. 

Final year students want the government should make fast decisions regarding this matter so that students will get ahead and make future decisions about their careers.

MHRD decision

 Suggestion on this matter

To conduct an exam at this time is quite risky. After lockdown, all students moved to their home. Due to lockdown, all transport has stalled.
If the exam will conduct then how will they reach the exam center? Students from remote areas would not able to reach quickly. 

In my opinion, the government should cancel final year exams and make provisions so that they will get jobs. It’s a prime time for final year students they are worried about their career.

Instead of exams, the government should conduct an online exam from there they will get a job. Are students happy with MHRD  decision on final year exams?

Let me know your views on this matter.

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