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100% Job Guarantee Courses

We all know that getting a job is getting tough with time and in India, this condition has become worst as the population expediting over time. This created a challenge for everyone to get a good job. It has become very tough for people to get a significant-good job.

People with different degrees and qualifications are jobless this time. Nowadays people are searching for 100% job guarantee courses.

There are many reasons behind this some of these are uncontrollable. But being reactive is not the solution to any problem instead of this we should have to be proactive and focus on what we can do about this.

But being proactive does not mean to set unrealistic goals we should take care of the present situation and our capabilities before setting goals.

People aim to get a salary of around 30 to 40 thousand which is far away from reality as these types of jobs exist very rarely in today’s time. There are jobs present time in the market offering salary from 15 to 25 thousand for entry-level so one should aim for this type of job.

A second and most important reason why people are not getting jobs is they don’t know about skills which are in demand at present time. So here in this article, we are going to give you information about the computer courses which are in demand at the present time.

Here we have created a list of 100% job guarantee courses which can help you to get a job. You can choose any of these courses as per your interest.

100% job guarantee courses

List of Job Oriented Computer Courses:

  1. Animation
  2.  Networking
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Web Designing
  5. Graphic Designing
  6. E-Accounting


Animation course is one of the most used and needed courses by people who want to seek a decent job in many fields including media, cinematography, automobile, and many more. It does have a wide range of courses depending upon the need and qualifications of person varying in the salary structure.

This can be done by any person who had chosen any branch in 10+2. This is indeed among 100% job guarantee courses.

There are many types of courses available as per need of any person one can do certification or diploma or degree in animation. In degree, one can do B.sc and B.A in animation but there is only one catch that person who has completed his/her 10+2 with PCM can apply for B.sc in animation but for B.A everyone who has opted for any type of subjects in 10+2 is eligible. But this is just the segregation of degree and there is not much difference in the essence of course.

Many don’t want to spend three years doing graduation in animation so they prefer diploma and certificate courses. One can find many institutes in his/her city providing diploma and certificate courses in animation and one can choose a different type of course depending upon the type of job want in this.

In this one can opt for the job role of 2D animator, 3D animator, image editor, modular, layout artist, lighting artist, digitalizing, and paint artist and can get a starting salary varying from 15 to 30 thousand of staring salary depending upon the skill set of the person.

100% job guarantee courses


Networking is basically a course in which one learns to correct and solve the problems related to connections, routing, data transferring and data safety but in terms of hardware.

We all know that we all are using the internet for many reasons and on the internet the is always a transfer of data that takes place nowhere data can be in any form, it could be anything.

So, to save and transfer data securely and successfully we need to take care of elements that are being involved in data transferring in both the terms hardware and software. And networking deals with issues that take place in hardware during data transferring.

This is a very good field and in this field, one can always find a good job as the use of the internet and other computer-related hardware are increasing. This is one of the lucrative 100% job guarantee courses in 2021.

In this field, anyone who has completed his/her 10+2 with any subjects can easily meet the eligibility criteria of this course. To start a career in networking one can apply for a diploma in hardware and networking having a duration of 1 year.

After that one can apply for a certification course of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) which is not compulsory but increases the chance of getting a job in big companies.

In this one can make his/her way in any kind of company or any other institute or can start our own business which has a good scope. One can find a job in this field with a starting salary varying from 15 to 20 thousand per month which will increase at a significant rate if one will keep enhancing his/her skills.

100% job guarantee courses

3.Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a way of marketing and making products and services popular among people. Every company needs to improve awareness of people about its product or service and as we all know that today’s time is the time of digital world people are spending so much time on this so it is quite important for every company to be in focus digitally.

For this reason, every company uses to hire people who have knowledge of this field and candy make their company grow in this way.

As we all know that every company is trying to get online and wants to excel digitally so there is a good scope for this field in the future. In this course one will learn to optimize websites, creating blogs, search engine optimization, advertising through videos, advertising through Google, social media marketing.

For this course there are no eligibility criteria on basis of knowledge or age one with any age group or any qualification can start doing this. There are many companies providing this digital marketing course. One can find online and offline certification course in this as per his/her interest.

In this course, one can get a starting salary varying from 10 to 15 thousand per month. But it can increase vary rapidly as per one’s skills.

One can start doing freelancing also in this if one wants to do so as there are many forms which do not want to hire a person for whole one year because they have to marketize their products or services for any particular time only. This is among splendid 100% job guarantee courses.

100 100% job Guarantee Course

4.Web Designing:

Today as every company wants to enter the field of the internet so it is necessary for every country to create a website where people can land and can take information about their work, services, activities, career options in a particular firm or company.

For this reason, everyone needs a web designer who has knowledge of website designing.  Web designing is different from web development. Here one did not have to learn to code so it is not that much hard and time taking.

There are so many institutes providing web designing courses in online and offline mode. One can easily find these courses as per his/her need and interest.

In a web designing course, one has to learn just basic things like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This course also does not have any eligibility criteria in terms of age or education. One can do this after passing 10th only.

In this field also the starting salary varies from 10 to 25 thousand as per skills of any person this course the variation in the salary offered to a person by firms or companies is quite big as compared to any other because the difference in skills of people is also very much as in this course practice matters more than just having knowledge. Web designing at the top -priority of 100% job guarantee courses.

100% job guarantee courses

5. Graphic Designing:

Graphic Designing is one of the most popular 100% job guarantee courses as it gives high chance to excel in career and if a person is creative then that person can not only get good money in this but also he/she will get the kind of job which he/she was seeking to do.

It offers a person the chance to work in any field he/she wants to explore including media, the entertainment industry, software firms, gaming companies, and many more because every one of them needs a graphic designer.

Anyone who wants to choose this field as a career can join this as it offers different types of courses as per the qualification of the person.

If a person is 10+2 pass out then the person can apply for a bachelor degree in Graphic Designing in which the person can apply for 4 years degree course or B.Sc or B. A in Graphic Designing and also the person can apply for different certification and diploma courses available in this field.

In this one can get salary varying from 10 to 20 thousand per month depending upon the skill set of a person which is a good salary for a person who knew and did not have any significant experience in the field.

But still, in this field, the salary is quite subjective and depends more on the knowledge and skills of an individual. In this field salary increase at a very good rate as the experience and skills of a person also improves with time. This course considered a splendid 100% job guarantee courses.

100% job guarantee courses

6. E-Accounting:

E-Accounting is a kind of field in which one learns to do things related to accounts like filing income tax returns, filing GST returns, maintaining the record related to expenses, debts, and many other things.

It is a growing field as many companies want such people who can do such types of jobs for them as these things require good time and effort and one should have knowledge of all the rules, regulations and amendments in them to do such time which is a big task for not only a small company but also for a multi National Company as there are different rules in different places of the world so they always need people who have knowledge of these things.

In this field, anyone who has completed his/her 10+2 from the science or commerce stream can apply for different certification and diploma courses. These certification and diploma courses are present in both online and offline modes so one can take these courses as per his/her interest.

There are different types of diploma courses present with different course duration but in this one should choose for the course offering more no of skills to learn as it is an only skill on which basis one will select a person.

In this course, the starting salary varies from 10 to 15 thousand per month which is quite decent in this and this amount will also increase with time.

After doing this course one can easily work as a freelancer also where one can work and earn as per his/her choice without any boundation or one can start his/her business in this field. This is among the 100% job guarantee courses that are beneficial for students.

100% job guarantee courses

These are the 6 best 100% job guarantee courses for students. Students can learn any aforementioned skills and get dream jobs. Students can easily get jobs after learning these skills. At present time these courses are lucrative for students who are looking for jobs.

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