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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

In the era of online study where everyone is focusing on online education, students are facing the problem of how to motivate yourself to study. Does it happening with you that whenever you want to study but you can’t focus on study? Nowadays this is a common problem faced by students.

how to motivate yourself to study

Motivation is the most crucial factor that stimulates your study. You can’t study until you get motivation from the inner and outside environment. In this article, I discuss some imperative techniques for “how to motivate yourself to study?”

  1. Set Goal for Your Study
  2. Focus on Single Task
  3. Study in Positive Environment
  4. Schedule Your Day
  5. Apply Pomodoro Technique
  6. Reward Yourself for Achieving Your Goal
  7. Discuss with Your Friends
  8. Turn off Mobile Notification
  9. Avoid Procrastination Habit
  10. Habit of Journaling
  11. Be Kind to Yourself


how to motivate yourself to study

Set Goal For Your Study

The Goal is the motivation behind any work. To start your work the first thing that comes in your mind is why you are doing this work? The Goal is the answer to your question. Before starting your study you must write down your goals like study for an exam to get 80% or for qualify competitive exam.

If you want to find the answer to your question ‘ how to motivate yourself to study” then you must write down your goals and stick to your study table. Your goal keeps you motivated and encourage you to stay focus.

Focus on Single Task

The most common mistake we do is to focus on multiple tasks at the same time, this will distract us from the main task. If you want to know ” how to motivate yourself to study then you must do only one work at a time. During the study, avoid multitasking like watching TVs, playing games, etc.

Study in Positive Environment

If you really want to tackle the problem ” how to motivate yourself to study?” then you must study in a positive environment where you can study for an hour without getting distracted. The environment plays a crucial role in motivation. For this you should study in an isolated space where you can focus on the study rather than people’s activity. Always prefer a table and chair for study rather than a bed.

Schedule Your Day

Scheduling your day will help you in finding the answer to question ” how to motivate yourself to study?”.¬† You must schedule your next day’s activities before going to sleep and divide them in accordance with the priority, this will increase your work accuracy and time management skill. Having a prepared schedule gives you control over your time and bursts most of the stress and you can focus on the things that really matter and must be completed within the time.

Apply Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro is the time management technique. In Pomodoro Technique you have to study for 25 minute then take a break for 5 minutes . Repeat this techniques for 4 times. In this technique you have to study constantly for 25 minutes then take short break.

Once your habit build then you can increase your time span. This technique is used by many students and they claimed that this technique really help them to stay focus on studies.

Reward Yourself for Achieving Your Goal

It is really a good idea to appreciate your hard work. You can give yourself a small reward like getting chocolate or eating your favorite food or buying something for yourself. Rewarding yourself will drive you to complete your tasks on time and improve your performance. When you reward yourself your brain release harmon that motivates you to study without any distraction.

Discuss with Your Friend

The best way to know ” how to motivate yourself to study” is discussion with your friends. Sometimes we get problems in studies and stuck at the point and get easily demotivated. Students must discuss with their peers, this will help you to do better in study.

Turn off Mobile Notification

The mobile is the source of distraction. This time students get easily diverted and they forget the main work. To motivate themselves during study, students must turn off their mobile phone.

Avoid Procrastination Habit

Procrastination is the main issue to avoid our important work. The main reason of demotivation towards study is the procrastination habit. The splendid and effective way of ” how to motivate yourself to study is to avoid procrastination habit.

Habit of Journaling

Journaling means you have to write down about your day activity. This would be beneficial for students so that they can analyze what they actually did in a day. Every day you must make a to-do list and in the night check whether you have completed your daily task or not.

Be Kind to Yourself

The main and most important point is to kind to yourself. Sometimes we blame ourselves for not focusing on studies and work. It’s normal thing, don’t take it so rigorously. Give time to yourself¬† and follow tips to motivate yourself to study.


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