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Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

During the wartime between Russia and Ukraine, one question arises why do Indian students go abroad for studying medical and other courses ?. Despite India having splendid education system students choose to go abroad and study there. There are several pros and cons of studying abroad. In this article, I discussed key points that explain why students choose to go out of India for study.



pros and cons of studying abroad

Pros of Studying Abroad

Indian students mainly choose developed countries like USA, Britain, Australia, Japan for study. These countries have an exceptional education system that attracts the attention of students.

Modern Way of Learning
Explore New Culture
Learn To Be Independent
Build Your Network
Learn New Language
Bright Future

Modern Way of Learning

As Developed countries are sumptuous in technology students are always fascinated to get an education in these countries. This is the first advantage in the list of pros and cons of studying abroad as students get a chance to learn new technology. In undeveloped countries you only get theoretical knowledge rather in developed countries you will get practical knowledge.

Explore New Culture

It is rightly said, ” You can understand the growth of any country through its culture”. Students who go abroad to study explore a new culture. Every country has its own culture. The pros of studying abroad are that you get to know about a different culture. New culture helps students to learn new things that help them in personal development.

Learn To Be Independent

The most splendid thing in the list of pros and cons of studying abroad is that students become independent. The feeling of independence gives you the confidence to handle any situation. In abroad students are alone so they know this thing that they have to face every problem alone. This attitude helps them to take an independent decisions.

Build Network 

This is one of the imperative parts of the list of pros and cons of studying abroad. If you want to grow in your career you need connections. Students who go abroad to study get a chance to meet people of different background which help them to build a network. Once you make network with people it becomes easy for you to get a splendid career opportunity.

Learn New Language 

When students go to different countries for study the first problem they face is understanding of language. For that they start learning a new language this will help them to fluent in English as well as learn a new language. If students know the local language of that country, it would be easy for them to adopt the culture and get a job.

Cons of Studying Abroad

Far Away from Parents
Costly Accomodation
Language Barrier
Stress of Better Performance
Racism Harrasement
Problem in Adapation of New Culture

Far Away From Parents

The first con in the list of pros and cons of studying abroad is students go far away from their parents, home, friends, and country. They feel lonely in an unknown country. They don’t know about the culture, language, and place. Most of the students feel homesick and don’t concentrate on their studies.

Costly Accommodation

Students move to developed countries to study on a scholarship. As living standard in developed countries is expensive so it is difficult for students to manage a living, food expenses in the limited scholarship. This creates a burden on students as well as on parents.

Language Barrier

After going abroad the first and the most common problem faced by the students is unable to understand the local language of that country. Language is the biggest barrier in a new country. To adjust in any country the first thing required is the known language. If you know the local language of any place then it becomes easy for you to adjust and adapt to the culture but for students, it acts as a barrier.

pros and cons of studying abroad

 Stress of Better Performance

Social pressure affects the performance of students. Every parent has expectations for their child. Sometimes they become so big that it creates a burden on students to perform best in academics. Students who go abroad for studying are facing numerous hurdles along with the pressure of better performance.

Racism Harassment 

Every year thousands of cases are reported against racism harassment in a foreign country. This is the major issue in the list of pros and cons of studying abroad. In some countries, students are facing physical as well mental harassment. Students always feel alone and left out in other countries.

Problem in Adaptation of New Culture

It is not easy to adapt new culture. Students who are new in the other country face problems in the adaptation to a new culture. Foreign countries have disparate cultures from Asian countries. Their food, clothing, living standard are different that making it difficult for students to adapt to their culture.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned pros and cons of studying abroad are based on students’ experiences faced during their study time. There are several advantages of studying abroad like you learn new technologies, new methods, make friends from different cultures and backgrounds. Studying abroad opens the door for students to explore new horizons of life. The cons faced by students are homesickness, unknown language and culture barrier, racism.





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