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Symbiosis Distance Learning MBA

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning is India’s largest learning center that provides facilities for distance education in various domains. Symbiosis University is India’s topmost autonomous university that is recognized for several splendid courses.

For students who want to do a distance course due to lack of time and other circumstances, this is the best opportunity to learn and be certified in a specific course. Symbiosis distance learning center has taken an initiative to provide distance education including PG courses, PG diploma courses, Diploma, and Certificate courses.

Symbiosis distance learning MBA course is very popular among all courses. Symbiosis distance learning MBA is one of the trending distance learning programs for students. SDLC offers courses including Management Accounting, Business Management, International Business, Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship Development, Supply Chain Management, and Information Technology.

Symbiosis Distance Learning MBA Programs

1. PG Programs

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Financial Services
  3.  Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel and Human Resource Management
  5.  Post Graduate Diploma in International Business
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Export and Import Management
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Corporate Laws
  8. Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  10. Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management
  11. Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management
  12. Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance Business Management
  13. Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics



2. PG Certificate 

3. Diploma & Certificate

Diploma & Certificate course in Management


Benefits of Choosing SDLC

  1. Wide Range of Programs
  2. Extremely High Acceptance in Industry
  3. Placement Assistance Offered
  4. Dynamic Assessment System
  5. Student Support System


Job Recruiters

1. HCL

2. IBM

3. Hindalco Industry Ltd.

4. Vodafone


6. Wallmart

7. TCS

8. Accenture


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