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How to Increase Memory Power

Are you facing the problem of memory loss? You forget whatever you learn. Then you are not alone, this is the common problem that every student face. In exams, this is mostly happening that you don’t remember what you have learned.

Improving brain capability is not rocket science. You can improve your memory power by practicing some methods. For improving short-term memory you can make a to-do list, mindmaps, reminder calls. If you want to know ” how to increase memory power”? for the long -term then you have to follow some techniques that will help you in improving brain capacity.

how to increase memory power

I listed scientifically proven methods that will make your journey to ” how to increase memory power”?

  1. Learn Creative Things
  2. Involve in Brain Storming Activities
  3. Use of Mnemonics
  4. Don’t Memorize anything
  5. Use Your Visualization Power
  6. Discuss With Your Friends
  7. Eat Healthy
  8. Go Offline
  9. Do Meditation
  10. Get Proper Sleep
  11. Curb Sugar Intake
  12. Involve in Physical Exercise

Learn Creative Things 

Our brain has the special capability to be easily attracted to creative ideas. The first method to know ” how to increase memory power?” You should do creative thinking like you can develop a hobby that involves creative skills.

Every student must have some kind of hobby as when you creatively do your favorite work then your body releases hormones that will increase your memory power.

Involve in Brainstorming Activities

The best way to know ” how to increase memory power” is to involve in brainstorming activities. To improve your brain capability, you have to train your brain. You should play brain games that will help you in sharpening your brain.

You can games like :

  1. Solve crossword puzzles
  2. Play Sud0ku
  3. Solve Jigsaw Puzzles
  4. Play memory card game
  5. Play chess

Use of Mnemonics

Mnemonics are the shortcut of what you study. For those students who are facing problems related to retaining what they have learned, for them this method works wonders. This is not a new idea this trick has been followed by many students who are involved in UPSC, state preparation.

This trick is useful for every student. You should make short cut to remember anything such as you have to learn any sentence then you can make mnemonics by taking every first letter of that sentence, or you can relate that sentence with a funny incident so that you can easily recall it.

Don’t memorize Anything

The problem is that students try to memorize everything. During tests or exams, they forget what they learned. The best method to retain your memory is to understand concepts rather than cramming them.

If you understand concepts it becomes easy for you to improve your memory power. If you are studying something then you should try to understand the basic concepts.

Use Your Visualization Power

Our brain has a strong visualization power. If you are facing the problem of memory loss then this is one of the splendid methods in the list of ” how to increase memory power?” Whatever you learn. For example, if you are studying geography then visualize the places, geographical areas.

how to increase memory power

Discussion with Friends

When you discuss anything with someone it permanently stores in your mind. The best way to increase your memory power is to discuss it with your friends. You can study one concept and discuss that concept with your friend that will not only help you in revision as well your friend also understand that concept.

Eat Healthy

Food plays important role in improving your brain capability. This is scientifically proven that what you eat impact your brain. If you eat green vegetables, grains, seeds, fruits, protein reach diet this helps in increasing your memory power.

A healthy diet is a crucial method in the list of “how to increase memory power“? You should replace your fast food with healthy food. Dark chocolate also stimulates your memory power, you can increase caffeine intake.

Go Offline 

Online study is one of the critical problems of memory loss. We are so much dependent on mobiles and technology that we don’t make any effort to remember anything. During COVID time, everyone is taking education from an online mode that reduced the brain retainment capability.

The best way to know ” how to increase memory power ” is to Go Offline and try to study from books and notes. You should improve your reading skills that will definitely increase your memory power.

Do Meditation

Who can forget the benefit of meditation? The list will be incomplete without including meditation. Over the decades, meditation has proved itself a powerful method to improve memory power. It is practiced by many researchers, successful people that meditation has the power to transform anyone’s life.

Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is essential to revitalize brainpower. From the research, it has been proved that proper sleep boost your brain performance and enhances your retainment capacity. During the study, you must take a nap of 10-15 minutes that will refresh your mind and your memory power will improve.

Curb Sugar Intake

Sugar intake is neither good for physical health nor mental health. Sugar intake makes your mind lethargic which is one of the reasons for the slow brain.  You can replace white sugar with brown sugar and with jaggery.

Involve Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is an essential method to enhance memory power. This is suggested by doctors that everyone should do exercise for at least 30 minutes. During physical exercise, there are many hormones released from the body that helps in improving brain strength, reducing stress, help concentration.

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