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B.SC Forensic Science Course

Forensic Science is one of the alluring career options for students. Forensic Science is related to crime scenes. At crime spots, there are various aspects to analyze or investigate like a blood strain, fingerprints, collect samples.

Forensic Engineer has to investigate the crime spot. These days as crime increases demand for crime investigators also expedites.B.Sc Forensic Science is a lucrative career option for students who want to make their career in the Forensic field.

Don’t misconstrue that Forensic science is only related to science but Forensic science is an interdisciplinary branch in which students have to study physics, biology, chemistry, psychology.

B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc  Forensic Science is a bachelor’s course. Students who have completed their 12th in PCM, PCB, and PCMB can apply for B.Sc in Forensic Science. This is one of the splendid degree course after 12th as it open doors of huge career opportunities.

Students have opportunities in government sectors as well as private sectors. Most of the students opt for traditional courses like B.Tech, B.Sc in Physics, B.Sc in Chemistry or B.Sc in Maths, B.Sc in Biology but very few of students know about this career option.

The students should have the analytical ability, decision-making capabilities, deep observation, critical thinking, team-spirit, quick thinking to become a forensic engineer. The job profile after Forensic Science is alluring and fascinating.

In this post, I discuss every aspect of the B.Sc Forensic Course including basic details, eligibility criteria, career opportunities, job profile.

A lot of knowledge you are going to get in this post. So let’s get started. Now discuss some questions related to B.Sc  in Forensic Science.

Scope of B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc Forensic science is the stupendous career option for students who are perplexing about which career options they should opt for?

Forensic science offers them umpteen job opportunities. Scope of Forensic science will grow with the need for a specialized person to investigate at the crime spot.

B.Sc Forensic Science

The introduction of advanced machinery to investigate the crime scenes, blood spots, DNA profiling, Fingerprint expedites the demand for Forensic Engineer.

Students can do various courses like Diploma in Forensic Science, B.Sc in Forensic Science, a master’s degree in Forensic Science, M.Phil in Forensic Science, or P.hd in Forensic Science.

Course Duration: 

Course Duration of B.Sc in Forensic Science is 3 years.

B.Sc Forensic ScienceCourse Specialization:

Students can do bachelor in Forensic science in numerous specialization like:

  1. Forensic Toxicology
  2. Forensic Entomology
  3. Forensic Serology
  4. Forensic Ballistics
  5. Forensic Cytology
  6. Forensic Biology
  7. Forensic Psychology

Educational Eligibility:

The educational qualification for B.Sc Forensic Science is 12th from PCM, PCB, PCMB with 50% Marks.

Course Fees: 

Course Fees vary from institutes to institutes. The average course fees are 20K-1 Lakh.

B.Sc Forensic Science
Entrance Examinations:

Many states or central universities conduct their own entrance examinations for B.Sc in Forensic Science. Some important and renowned entrance examinations are listed below.

  1. BHU UET: This entrance exam is conducted by BHU University

  2. GSAT: This entrance exam is conducted by  GITAM University

  3. IISER IAT: This entrance test is conducted by IISER i.e  Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research.

  4. NEST: The NEST entrance exam is conducted by Lovely Professional University

  5. JET: This entrance exam is conducted by DU joint admission test

  6. SUAT: This entrance exam is conducted by Sharda University

  7. IUET: This is Integral University Entrance Test

  8. OUAT: Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology Admission Test

  9. CG PAT: This is Pre Agriculture Test conducted by Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board

  10. AIFSET: This is the All India Forensic Science Entrance Test which is conducted by Vivekananda Global University 

Students can get admission through two methods either from Merit-Based Admission or Entrance Based. Some of the colleges offer admission based on 12th marks.

Merit-Based Admission: Some of the colleges offer Merit-Based Admission based on 12th marks. Colleges set cutoff marks to getting admission and those candidates who have marks above the cutoff marks can enroll for B.Sc Forensic Science.

Entrance Based Admission: Students have to pass the entrance examination conducted by institutes. After qualifying for that entrance exam students can get admission in B.Sc in Forensic Exam.

B.Sc Forensic Science

Top Colleges:

Most of the universities or reputed institutes include B.Sc Forensic science in their curriculum as the demand for this course increases with the interest of students. Have a look at some reputed universities and institutes that offer a degree in Forensic Science.

The list is Here:

  1. Amity University, Noida
  2. BHU University, Varanasi
  3. Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research
  4. Lovely Professional University
  5. Sharda University, Noida
  6. Jawahar Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry
  7. Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University
  8. Kasturba Medical College Mangalore
  9. Chandigarh University
  10. St.Xavier’s College
  11. University of Mumbai
  12. Delhi University
  13. Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna
  14. Vivekanand Global University
  15. Parul University
  16. Bundelkhand University
  17. Apex University

B.Sc Forensic Science

Career Opportunities:

In this field, there are collosol career opportunities for students who complete their bachelor’s in Forensic Science. They can get a government job as well as private jobs or start their own agency.

I listed some pompous career opportunities after B.Sc in Forensic Science. Have a look at your dream:

  1. Forensic Engineer
  2. Forensic Scientist
  3. Forensic Toxicologist
  4. Drug Analyst
  5. Forensic Serologist
  6. Crime Laboratory Analyst
  7. Private Instigator
  8. Forensic Architect
  9. Forensic Consultant
  10. Crime Reporter
  11. Fingerprint Expert
  12. Forensic Pathologists
  13. Crime Scene Investigator
  14. Forensic Geologist
  15. Forensic Photographer
  16. Forensic Chemist
  17. Legal Counselor
  18. Forensic IT Specialist

B.Sc Forensic Science

Recruiting Areas:

Students can get a job in various fields after completing their B.Sc  Forensic Science. Some popular fields for students to get jobs are:

1.Defence or Army

2. CBI

3. Intelligence Bureau

4.Forensic Science Labs

5. Police Department

6. Private Investigation Agency

7. IFO Forensic Standards and Research Pvt Ltd

8.Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs

9. Institutes


11. Law Firms

Salary Offered:

Salary packages vary from post to post. The average salary package is between 3-4 Lakhs per annum. Once you become a specialist you get a higher package of 12 Lakhs per annum.

B.Sc Forensic Science

Opportunities Outside India:

There are umpteen opportunities for students who are willing to study outside India. Various International Colleges also offer a degree in Forensic Science. Some famous universities are:

  1. Amity University, Dubai
  2. University of Cumbria, UK
  3. Canberra Institute of Technology
  4. University Sains Malasiya
  5. Abertay University, Scotland
  6. CQ University Australia
  7. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  8. University of Alberta, Canada
  9. McGill University, Canada
  10. Southern Utah University, Utah
  11. University of West London
  12. Robert Gardon University, UK
  13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
  14. Harvard University, USA
  15. Texas A & M University, USA
  16. San Jose State University
  17. Columbia University, USA
  18. Abertay University

How to Get Admission in Forensic Science outside India:

Students are perplexing how to get admission in bachelor course in Forensic Science? To get admission in Forensic Science the eligibility is to qualify for Exams like  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE.

These are English proficiency test. After qualifying for any of these examinations students can apply for a bachelor’s course in Forensic Science.


  1. IELTS: International English Language Testing System. Minimum marks should be 5.5 for qualifying for this exam.
  2. PTE: Pearson Test of English Academic. The minimum marks required is 61 to qualify for this exam
  3. TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language. The minimum marks required is 90 for qualifying for this exam.

Wrapping Up:

This is detailed information for students who are willing to do B.Sc Forensic Science. B.Sc Forensic Science is one of the trending and alluring bachelor courses for science students after 12th.

This would be a great decision in the near future as demand for forensic specialists will increase. Hope this article helps you a little bit to make a great decision in your career.

I have covered almost every aspect of this course. If you want to know anything that I haven’t mentioned feel free to comment below.


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